Training shoes Under Armour Tribase Reign

This model of sneaker is discontinued, you can find current sneakers at this post:

It seems that more and more brands are willing to produce good shoes for crossfitters. This is certainly better for everyone, because it increases the choice (everyone is different) and because it helps companies to improve their technologies to be the best on the market.

The Tribase Reign is the first model to be launched with the specific objective of meeting the needs of crossfitters.and I'm sure it won't be the last.

In this article, let's take a look at the main characteristics of this CrossFit shoes so that you can evaluate if it is really what you are looking for.

under armour crossfit shoes


It should be positively emphasized that the brand's did not want to replicate the design of any other CrossFit shoe. already better known. They are different from the others, especially this year that seems the world upside down: the new nano looks like a metcon, and the new Metcon looks like a Nano. With a design very much in line with the brand, neutral and without eccentricities, they are designed to withstand the most intense workouts.

Their material is tear-resistant and its mesh offers lightweight support and full abrasion resistance for exercises such as rope climbing.

The shoe is full of small holes to facilitate foot ventilation.

The sole has a extra mid-foot protection to help provide a good grip when climbing the rope, while also helping to improve stability for lifting exercises.

The Micro G® foam midsole provides cushioning but overall the shoe is tough, don't expect a running shoe. Partly also because its drop is low, only 2 mm.

The shoe has a reference weight of 298 g, making it one of the lightest shoes in the market. compared to the Nano 9 or the Metcon 5.

Unlike other shoes, the insole is not removable. It's a pity because I used to use insoles and I found it very comfortable to substitute my insole for the original insole of the shoe and thus avoid making more bulge.



It seems hard to imagine that a shoe with such a firm sole would have a good flexibilityand the TriBase Reign achieves this thanks to the line pattern on the sole.

Tribase Under armour crossfit

It also helps that the minimalism in the upper of the shoe helps you move your foot more freely.

Let's not forget that a shoe designed for CrossFit will never be the most comfortable shoe for running, it is simply impossible because they must have opposite characteristics. Even so, the TB Reign shoe responds well for running typical wod distances.

But if you prefer a shoe with very similar features but with better cushioning, Under Armour's other CrossFit shoe will fit you better: Under Armour HOVR Rise I will bring you my analysis soon.


The secret of a good CrossFit shoe is to offer a balance between many different needs as it is a sport that in turn includes many disciplines.

This Under Armour shoe certainly gets a pass in stability, it is a shoe that gives the feeling of being in direct contact with the ground.

under armour tribase crossfit review


My size is a 36, same as for the Nike Metcon even though the feel with the Under Armour is more. tighter but not narrower, because it does not squeeze the toe..

The heel design is low and not too cushioned while still molding perfectly for training.


The TriBase Reign is below the market price of the most popular brands in CrossFit. Its normal market price is 120€.This is one more incentive to try them.

under armour tribase crossfit price

You can purchase them directly on the website of Under Armour United Kingdom.

Summary and comparisons

Overall, I am satisfied with the balance of the shoe. It is firm but flexible, minimalist but comfortable. I did not expect a brand that was not known primarily for being a manufacturer of CrossFit shoes to bring such a competent model to market.

Some extra notes for the undecided:

  • It is more flexible than the Nike Metcon 4 but less than the Reebok Nano 8.
  • It is lighter than either of the other two shoes on the market.
  • As stable as the Metcon 4, the nano 8 feels less stable.
  • It is a hard shoe, so if you prefer more cushioning I recommend the companion in the range, the HOVR.
  • It is the cheapest CrossFit shoe compared to models from the other two major brands, Nike and Reebok.

I hope after all that it helps you to know if this shoe can work for you before you make the investment in your purchase. Obviously, there can't be a shoe for everyone, but it's good to see that we have an increasing choice of brands willing to release a good CrossFit shoe..