About me

Hi everyone, I'm Anabel Avila, the creator of I'm Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management by the University of Barcelona at 2009.

In the 2010 I traveled to Australia where I lived for almost 3 years. In addition to learning English, I trained as a Body Pump instructor followed by CXWORX by Les Mills Asia Pacific. Despite the language barrier I was building strong classes. When the day came that I decided it was time to return home, many of them told me how much I had done for them by helping them grow a passion for the sport.

Very excited to leave with the gratifying feeling of having done a good job, I am returning to my city in 2013, Barcelona. After a failed attempt to rejoin the world of work in the field of administration, I decided to bet on what I really like. To continue helping others to live a life with more exercise, with healthier food, with more health, with more years.

Then I study to specialize in more in the field of sports and I am qualified as a Personal trainer level 2 (E.H.F.A. level 4) y Advanced sports nutritionist.

At the same time I undertook this adventure in the network, initially thinking of reaching future clients for personal training, without being able to imagine that it would reach this volume.

Little by little the content has evolved as I have evolved. From more general advice on training and nutrition, to focusing more on CrossFit and the Paleo Diet. Since today they are part of my lifestyle since about 2014.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to participate in a sports reality show (in English) for an international production company called. Spartan X. It was filmed in a castle in Hungary where 12 participants had to demonstrate their skills in different tests. It was a very hard experience and at the same time spectacular, I was the best among the women, an achievement of which I am very proud. 

Current jobs

The purpose of this blog is to transmit the passion with which I live this lifestyle that revolves around Cross Training and Paleo with the intention of encouraging others to follow it too. To live better, healthier and happier. And thanks to that effort, this website has now become the functional training blog of reference for Spanish-speaking people. Despite not being an official media of the CrossFit ® brand, is considered a platform to keep abreast of everything that happens in this sector depotivo, and it is thanks to the coverage we have given this sport for all these years. 

Along with the web, I have been developing my facet in the social networks and I am known as @anabelpump . The social network that has been the most popular in recent years has been the Youtube channel . One of the moments in which he gained the most knowledge was with the trips linked to CrossFit competitions and videos fighting against processed food.

One of the latest achievements has been the self-publication of two books: I am Paleo y I am Paleo Recipeswith which I have been able to bring to the general population everything they need to know to eat well, clearing the doubts that nutrition awakens. Although it was not simply a theoretical approach, but it includes a practical vision, with Recetas Yo soy Paleo I complete the work and complete the saga. I am proud of the good reception it has had among the audience and I am still eager to continue contributing value to society.

I am a regular contributor to Nike Spain, Diario AsReebok, Reebok, Velites Sport, Fitness Power Food y Prozis

I hope you enjoy the content and I hope to see you here often. If you need to contact me you can do it through this page.