9 basic CrossFit exercises

The CrossFit is a functional training with highly varied exercises performed at high intensity. 

Among them, 9 basic movements are considered fundamental, from which the rest are built.

Air squat: Squat without weight

From an upright position, we try to break the parallel with the hip and then return to the initial position with full hip extension.

Muscles involved: quadriceps and gluteus muscles.

Back squat: Back squat

As the previous exercise, but load the weight on the back of the shoulders, lower to break the parallel and look for the hip extension of the starting position again.

crossfit squat

Front squat: Front squat

With the same movement pattern as the squat, but with the weight loaded in front of the shoulders.  

front squat

Over head squat: Squat with weight above the head.

Again the exercise is executed like the squat, but the weight is loaded overhead.

ohs crossfit

Shoulder press: Shoulder press

The weight starts loaded in front of the shoulders and with the only strength of the shoulders, the weight should be lifted above the head looking for total locking of the elbows. 

Push press: Push with force

Using the shoulder press as a base, the momentum of the legs is used in a coordinated manner to bring the weight overhead. 

Push Jerk: Push 

Using the push press as a base, in the push press the body must get under the load by performing a hip flexion movement.

Deadlift: Dead weight

The exercise consists of lifting the load from the floor to an upright position with full hip extension.

Sumo deadlift high pull: Sumo deadlift with high pull

The deadlift deadlift is performed with the feet wider than a normal deadlift and the hands centered. In addition, use the momentum of the hips to bring the bar to chin level. 

Medicine ball clean: Charged with medicine ball

Using the sumo deadlift high pull as a base, the ball is lifted from the ground with hip strength.