Callipers are one of the most personal CrossFit accessories.

For each hand there is a preferred caller and it is difficult to achieve consensus, but the QUAD ULTRA by Velites is one of Velites' favorite calleras. among those who have had the opportunity to test them.

Why? Stay and I'll explain it to you.

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Quad Ultra design

No holes

This makes it easier to put on and take off the callera quickly in the middle of the wod.

Especially for those people who are looking for increase the efficiency of your transitions between calliper and non-calliper exercises. 

For example, to go from a deadlift to jumping rope, you will go faster than with a triathlon without holes. You can turn the callera 180ยบ on your wrist or simply avoid it by grabbing the rope handles. 

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Two-layer design

Internal materialThe most important thing is that they do not needs magnesium.

External materialis made of a kind of rubber, which allows a stronger grip on the bar. It gives a great sense of security and delays muscle wasting in the forearms own gymnastic exercises.

As this material is strong, to avoid possible discomfort from the rubbing of the callera, it is supplied with wrist protections.


The buckle is 4 mm to prevent it from breaking easily. 


There will be 3 colors available and comes a bag to store them.

quad ultra calleras

Advantages of these callipers

The innovative material of the new Velites callipers allows:

  • the delay in fatigue of the forearms by offering grip assistance 
  • and the saving time by not having to stop in the middle of a wod to take magnesium

This ultimately means you will be more efficient and achieve better marks.

Where to get them?

Having passed the Kickstarter campaign, the callipers are now available on the Velites website.

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