The best weighted vests for your workouts

If you are interested in taking your workouts to the next level, the weighted vest can be a great help in increasing the intensity of your workouts.

The market has caught up quickly and there are already many choices of vests, in this post we will share the best ones so you don't waste money on those that are of low quality.

Benefits of a weighted vest

A weighted vest artificially increases our body weight. With this we increase the difficulty of the exercise without having to add more volume.

It is a useful tool for overcoming deadlocks by incorporating a new stimulus.

When to wear a weighted vest?

Surely there are only a few candidates in the box who are truly ready to wear the weighted vest.

We don't usually see it used too much in day-to-day training, it is usually reserved for special occasions such as a Murph u other heroes.

Wods with vest

AMRAP 15 min
50 FEET waliking lunges (back knee touches the ground)
15 push-ups

75 reps Burpee to target
15 push-ups

50 Air Squat
5 Wall Walk
40 Air Squat
4 Wall Walk
30 Air Squat
3 Wall Walk
20 Air Squat
2 Wall Walk
10 Air Squat
1 Wall Walk

How much does the CrossFit vest weigh?

At CrossFit Games the weighted vest is 6 kg for girls and 10 kg for boys. At user level you don't have to follow those weights and you can adjust it to your needs.

crossfit weighted vest

How to choose a weighted vest for CrossFit

One of the most important aspects is that the vest fits snugly to your body to avoid excessive movement and discomfort while training. This is especially important for those smaller people for whom not just any vest will do.


This is one of the most famous, since for years it has been used by the athletes at the CrossFit Games.

This is a special vest, as it is not really designed for training, but is used in the military tactical field.

It has a quality above the rest and that is noticeable at the very moment you have it in your hands by the finishes and details, and you reaffirm it when you put it on.

crossfit weighted vest
  • Offers a great support thanks to the velcro straps to adjust them to various sides of your contour.
  • The ballast is fully secured in a way that avoids the bounce when you move.
  • The quilting The material of its material prevents it from digging into the skin and causing discomfort.
  • You can tell it's from high quality finishesis a robust vest.

On the downside, it may seem expensive, but a vest is an investment for life, as it is not a product that suffers wear and tear.

5.11 Tactical TacTec - Tactical...
  • The TacTec Trainer weight vest is manufactured for the highest performance...
  • Enhanced durability: Made of durable 600D nylon, the lightweight vest is designed for...

Other weighted vests

Other vests that replicate the 5.11 model and are somewhat less expensive are:




Viper TACTICAL Gen2 - Vest...
  • Compatible with the VX Buckle Up system, with quick release buckles for...
  • Hook-and-loop identification panels on the front and a...

Phantom Athletics

Phantom Athletics - Vest for...
  • A boost for your sporting activity: increase the intensity of your training and...
  • A strong equipment: available in a set of two weight plates (total weight 6 kg)....

Pack of shawl and ballasts

It is not usual to find a vest of these characteristics in a pack with its weights that you can gradually increase with 4 plates. Surely the ccomplete haleco with the most competitive price.

Capital Sports Battlevest 2.0 -...
  • THE BATTLE OF THE POWER: The Battlevest 2.0 weighted vest with weight included from...
  • QUALITY: The extendable rubber straps, the thick shoulder padding, the...

Vest ballast

When you buy the vest you are actually buying the plate carrier and these are not usually included. Therefore, to complete the vest you will need to buy the weights.

Where to buy CrossFit vest weights?

There are several plate options compatible with the vests.

This option is the easiest and most economical. Back in the day, when I got the vest, I had to wait until I could compare plates that were only sold in Rogue USA.

Sveltus Plaques Acier Avec...
  • Steel ballast plates compatible with 15 kg Pro heavy vest (Ref....)
  • Each plate also has 2 laser-cut handles, which allows the use of the laser cut...

Where to buy patches or patches for weighted vests?

To get an official CrossFit patch you'll have to be at one of their in-person events, like the Games. At least that's the only place I know of that sells them.

PVC rubber patch with a...
  • Neo Tactical Gear - High-quality PVC rubber patch with a design of the...
  • Size: 7.6 x 5 cm - Velcro hook sewn on the back - Comes...