CrossFit Skipping Combas

As we mentioned in the tutorial for double under there is a wide range of ropes that has been increasing as our sport has evolved.

In this post we are going to talk about the types of combas and which one is the best for your goals.

Types of combos for CrossFit

Speed Comba

Let's take a look at Velites Fire 2.0.

This is the traditional CrossFit rope. It is a light camber that aims to make you fast making double unders (or triples or...)

VELITES Fire 2.0

velites crossfit rope
  • The material is made of aluminum, very light so that you can give speed to the rope. 
  • High-speed bearings are a decisive element in camber quality. 
  • The cable is inserted at 90º minimizing possible entanglements.
  • They are binders that last a lifetime.
  • You can personalize it with your name engraved on the handles so that it does not get lost in the box.
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Cable types

It has different cables that you can easily change using the key incorporated in the handles. This ensures that you don't lose it and that you have it at hand when you need to make a change.

The cable has a length of 3.5 meters so that everyone, even the tallest, can use it.

Competition cable 1.8 mm

spare velites cables

It is the fastest cable of all, but the one that lasts the least. It is an uncoated steel wire which weakens more with friction. It is recommended for use on non-abrasive surfaces. 

If you miss a double and get whiplash with this cable you will take it as a lesson to never miss again.

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Standard cable 2 mm

spare part velites

It is the most recommended rope because it is the thinnest of the coated rope possibilities. It is the perfect balance between speed and durability.

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2.5 mm cable

replacement velites camber

Designed especially for beginners. Although I don't think it's essential to go through this thickness. If you only want one cable, the 2 mm is a safe bet.

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Pack Fire 2.0 + ropes

Here you can buy the rope at a special price and with a set of ropes.

buy velite camber

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Combas ballasted

It is becoming more and more common to see in competitions, even local ones, where weighted ropes are used. to add more difficulty to double jumps.

In Velites you can find two options:

Fire 2.0: speed rope

Although it is a speed rope, this Velites rope offers the option of being able to ballast the grips to make training more versatile.

In a pack you have 25, 50 and 100 gr that you can add to your camber. Here you can see a couple of sets at special prices:

With ballast

discount velites camber

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With cables and ballasts

crossfit velite rope for crossfit

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Earth 2.0

You can see a more detailed analysis of this rope in this article:

This rope is designed to combine different weights on the handles and also different rope thicknesses.

What is the best camber?

Earth is more expensive than Fire, but do you need it? 

  • If the ballast issue does not interest you, the Fire will be the best buy.
  • If you intend to compete, are serious about your training and want a rope that offers more stimulation than the conventional rope, the Earth will be your best choice. 

Is it worth having your own camber?

Normally, the combas we have available in the box are cheaper versions than the ones we have analyzed here, less fast, usually made of plastic.


  • They do not have a bearing quality system.
  • Each time you use it you must adjust it to your height in a short time. 
  • They are not always properly cared for and may have a deformed cable directly affecting your jumps.

Having your own camber is an investment, but it is usually an investment for life.

The cable is the only thing that may need to be replaced because of wear and tear.

However, it will take years before you need another cable.

Spare parts for Velites camber

A well-maintained rope does not need to be replaced, however, it can happen to all of us that we lose a screw or the cap of the handles.

The rope is still serviceable, it would be a pity to have to buy another one. 

You can get these small spare parts in Velites and continue with your rope for many years to come.