ESC Sounds 3

The ESC Sounds (Every Second Counts, Every Moment Counts) is one of the most popular brands of wireless headphones among crossfitters.

After several versions, the 3rd generation is now available and appears to be the best version to date.

In this post we are going to analyze if these headphones are really what you are looking for for your CrossFit or other workouts.


  • Through bluetooth it is possible to automatically connect with your cell phone at the moment you take them out of the box.
  • From the headset itself you can adjusting the sound volume.
  • Includes different shapes and sizes of the silicone that is inserted into the ear to ensure that they fit perfectly.
  • Water resistantso that sweat or even rain will not be a problem.
  • Technology of noise cancellation
  • Battery: up to 28 hours in operation. The headphones have 7 hours of autonomy and 21 hours more are stored in the case, so you can charge the headphones if your case has a battery, even if they are not connected.
  • It has a built-in microphone to make calls.
esc sounds headphones


  • ErgonomicThe ear tip is well adapted to the shape of the ear.
  • The hook that goes around your ear ensures that they won't fall off while you train.
  • They are very light, which does not make them uncomfortable.


The data sheet indicates that they are HD 11m drivers with deep bass. If this rating has not made the audio quality too clear to you, I can tell you that the sound is very good. 


It has dual functionality:

  • TransportationThe two-piece design: they fit perfectly, so it's the best way to transport them safely and store them.
  • Charger: with usb c slot. It has 4 dots that indicate the battery level of the casing.


If the headphones do not live up to expectations, once you receive the package you can request a refund within 2 weeks.

My opinion

I have previously used other wireless headphones, but none as comfortable as these.

The fit is really good, at no time during training do you have the feeling that they are going to fall off. No more touching them constantly during the session to squeeze them in.

If you're looking for headphones specifically for training, these are the best I've tried.

Where to buy

The ESC Sounds brand is English and with the Brexit you have to take into account that you will have to pay customs when you get the package home. In my case, it was about 8€. 

As a positive point you can get a discount using the code ANABELPUMP.

ESC Sounds 3

Athletes sponsored by the brand

Many athletes use ESC Sounds in their daily lives.

The most popular are Haley Adams, Kara Saunders, Adrian Mundwiller, Danielle Brandon, Bethany Shadburne, BKG, Samanth Briggs or Jonne Koski among others.