CrossFit sunglasses

It's a thing of the past that CrossFit is always done in the box. 

The trend for some years now has been to add even more variability by training and competing in open spaces.

In those cases you will most likely need sunglasses 😎 so you can focus on what you are doing and not be dazzled.

In this post we analyze sunglasses designed specifically for these cases.

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crossfit sunglasses

Why a special sunglass for crossfitters?

If you try to train with your "street" glasses, it is very likely that you will feel uncomfortable for several reasons.

  • Slip
  • If they are heavy, they can cause discomfort.
  • You may worry that they will fall off and break easily.

A sports goggle must meet some basic requirements to make it ideal for these cases.

Good fit

You don't have to worry about them moving around or losing them. 

They should fit snugly, with an arched design at the temples to improve the fit so they don't get in the way even if you jump or run. 

velites raptor goggles


With anti-slip rubber bands incorporated in the nose and sideburns area.

velites crossfit goggles


It is essential that they are very light so that you can wear them for a long day and not be bothered by their weight. 

Other traditional models may leave you with a sore and sore nose or ear support area.

mark on the nose by crossfit goggles


The frame must have a certain flexibility so that they are not fragile.

They are prepared to withstand falls to the ground.

rugged crossfit goggles


They must always pass European and UK safety checks so that the glass does not damage our eyesight.

Velites CrossFit goggles models

The glasses that Velites has introduced to the market are functional and meet all the requirements described above. 

This is undoubtedly the most important factor when deciding on a purchase.

In this video you can see an analysis of Velites Raptor and Urban models.


It is becoming more and more common to see this design among crossfitters as it is really useful to protect you from the sun.

raptor velites
  • large coverage
  • more innovative design (cool if you dare)
  • weight: 29 gr

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If the previous version seems too bold, you have this other model.

urban velites
  • a little more economical
  • greater versatility if you don't want to use them exclusively for training.

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Both come with a hard case that protects the glasses during transport. It may seem obvious or not, but there are glasses that come with a cloth case when you buy them.

The Velites brand designs more accessories to help you in your wods. You can take a look at other products such as their calleras, the jump ropes or the mobility package. You can use the coupon ANABELPUMP to accumulate discounts on your purchases.

Sunglasses models on Amazon

Amazon offers a wide variety of glasses, however, they have not been designed by people who practice CrossFit and may not meet some of the characteristics we have mentioned in this article.

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