Hovr Rise, the CrossFit shoe by Under Armour

This model has been discontinued and you can now obtain the HOVR Rise 3. I recommend you visit the following article to see the most current models:

And after Under Armour's debut in CrossFit with the Tri Base Reign shoea new model, the UA HOVR® Rise.

In fact, HOVR Rise is one of the latest models on the market. of CrossFit shoes as the other two most popular models, Nano and Metcon, were released in the spring. The Australian athlete sponsored by the Under Armour brand, James NewburyThe first time he used them on the last day of competition of the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Hove Rise vs TriBase Reign

And you may wonder, how does this differ from the previous model of the same brand?

hovr rise or tribase reign

This new model is designed to be more versatile in the box with 8mm of drop This is the quality that stands out the most as soon as you try them on.

Hovr Rise Design Features

The biggest challenge was to achieve a shoe that was both stable and cushioned. And with the midsole design with its geometry and HOVR technology, they have achieved that goal.

  • Zero gravity" sensation to eliminate the impact felt with every footfall
  • Energy Web compression mesh on the outside protects the shoe for maximum durability.
  • Breathable
  • Light weight: 300 gr
  • Rubber outsole designed to ensure multidirectional traction.
  • Drop 8mm
under armour crossfit shoes

The cheapest CrossFit shoe

The price is one of the most competitive in the CrossFit market at €100, below the nano or metcon, and this shoe has nothing to envy them. Just for that incentive, it is worth opening our minds beyond the possibilities we contemplated so far.

Get yours here.

Which model to choose?

Many podiatric health professionals believe Under Armour is the best brand of athletic footwear, and actually when I've worn them I've been very happy with their performance on the wods.

If you are in doubt about the Hovr Rise or the TriBase Reign, it depends on your preferences, as there is an ideal shoe for each person. If your main priority is firmness of a hard shoe, with a low drop and a feeling of being on the ground, the Reign is the best suited.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a shoe with more cushioning even if you don't neglect the firmness of a weightlifting shoe, you're likely to find yourself better with HOVR.

If you are someone who likes to train with more than one shoe, I will tell you that in the more metabolic wods you will get the most out of the Hovr Rise and in the more strength wods you will prefer the TriBase Reign.