CrossFit Books

In this section we have compiled the most famous CrossFit books.

HWPO: Mat Fraser

"Pain is dangerous. Discomfort is what makes you get better. It's not all it takes, but you can't keep improving in this sport without it. So, sorry, CrossFit never gets any easier.".

The 5-time CrossFit Games champion writes with Spenser Mestel about his athletic career. once removed. So you can talk in detail about all your tricks.

Regardless of whether you're a pure CrossFit amateur and whether you're more serious with competitive aspirations, the book by Mat Fraser will make you a better athlete.

What you will find in the book: 

6 chapters, four of which are named after CrossFit skills such as Strength, Endurance, Speed and Coordination, plus Mindset and Recovery.

Training manual

With detailed workouts, exercises and progressions.


How he went from a humbling moment, second at the CrossFit Games for the second year in a row, to the greatest male CrossFit athlete in history.


From his romantic partner Sammy Moniz.


It is currently only available in English.

HWPO: Hard Work Pays Off
  • HWPO: Hard Work Pays Off
  • Fraser, Mat…

How I Became The Fittest Woman on Earth: Tia Toomey

Tia Clair Toomey LINK BIO (five-time CrossFit champion 2017-2021) tells the story from her beginnings when she placed second in two consecutive years, to winning her first gold.

Discover the path that has taken the Australian from second place to being the most dominant woman in CrossFit Games history.




Start Your Engines: My Unstoppable CrossFit Journey: Sam Briggs

The British athlete known as the "engine" recounts her incredible career in the CrossFit elite from her beginnings even before she started in the sport.

He was a firefighter by profession, a soccer player in his youth and a triathlete as an adult. It was when he met CrossFit at the age of 27.

Since then he has experienced everything from winning the 2013 Games, failing to qualify for the Games in 2015, and later his injuries.


Book by Katrin Davidsdottir

My Journey to Becoming a Two-Time CrossFit Games Champion is the book by Katrin Davidsdottir was a winner of the CFGames in 2015 and 2016. In fact she was the last CrossFit champion before Toomey's reign began.

Previously, only Annie Thorisdottir had won two golds at the CrossFit Games.

The path of the Icelandic was not easy. She tells how in the 2014 Regionals she was left at the door of the Games and that marked in her a before and after. The book can inspire you from her story of overcoming.



Constructing the Games: Dave Castro

Castro has been the director of the Games for 15 years. The process of finding these elite athletes is not simply a matter of randomly putting one WOD after another.

The former director recounts the process to develop and refine the events that tested the world's best athletes in 2017. From the early stages of the season to Madison through the Regionals.



WODs Notebook

This notebook for crossfitters will be ideal for you. 

  • If you want to keep track of everything you train
  • Organize your training
  • Build your weekly calendar
  • Keep your personal brands at hand
  • To be able to consult benchmarks, heroes, girls


The notebook is designed so that you can fill it with the workouts, the titles are in English to maintain the nomenclature that is always used in CrossFit.

Coloring book for children

Very useful for families with CrossFit members. This coloring book with funny characters are training typical CrossFit exercises.


The titles of the movements performed by the characters are written in English in this version and in Spanish in this version.