The best muscle massage guns

Do you remember when crossfitters started to show the Theragun? It was a revolution! The machine we all wanted to be able to self-massage and save on visits to the physio.

After a few years, the percussion massagers market has evolved a lot, improving models and offering many more options with new brands..

Right now with so many options it is normal that you have doubts about which is the best option for you. In this post we see the advantages of this CrossFit accessory and I give you answers to all your questions.

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun is a device that emulates a hammer drill designed to treat muscles and provide instant relief. The device repeatedly strikes the body surface being treated, the vibrations improve fascia tone and promote recovery in deeper layers.

If you have a percussion therapy device, you can massage yourself and relieve the tension accumulated during CrossFit sessions. It will never replace the work of a professional physiotherapist, but it will help you to reduce the muscular discomfort that accumulates in your daily life..

How to use a deep tissue massager?

You can apply some force yourself with the gun in contact with the area you want to treat, or you can ask someone to help you if you want a more relaxing massage.

Depending on your muscular condition, it will be a more or less painful massage. The same as if you go to the physiotherapist for a massage and you are with more or less stiffness.

It's a faster and more convenient way to make your myofascial massage normally done with the foam roller.

Comparison of electric massage guns

We can divide the pistols into 2 groups:

  • High-end: Guns valued at more than 150€ and with premium features.
  • Low range (cheap guns): models that do not exceed 100€, they are usually sold on Amazon and although there are many options, they look like copies of each other.



  • Good quality materials
  • Increased massage depth
  • Well-known brands
  • Quality accessories and heads


  • Price:

Low range


  • Very competitive price (you can have 2 for the price of one good one).


  • Unknown brands that do not generate trust.
  • Shallow depth of massage (8-10mm)

High-end guns

theragun reviews
Using Theragun G3

Achedaway PRO

This model of gun is the one I am using the most. I can highlight that it is the quietest I have tried and the quality of its design has surprised me.

  • The quietest engineYou can check it in a comparison test with another model in the video below.
  • Great depth (16 mm). It refers to the travel of the head when it moves. The greater the displacement, the more effective it is. 16mm is the greatest depth that exists in the pistol market.
  • Availability of different heads more varied than Theragun G3.
  • 5 powers depending on the needs at any given time.
  • Battery life up to 4 hours per charge. It is the longest lasting gun I have tried.

If you use the code ANABELPUMP you get a discount of 25$

Achedaway vs Theragun G3

YouTube video


Certainly after Therabody, Hyperice is the best known brand of muscle recovery guns.

Advantages of Hypervolt

  • Price is more competitive than that of the Theragunsaving you an average of 150€, depending on the model.
  • Virtually noiseless. It's not completely silent, but it's the next best thing.
  • Extra battery which allows you to always be able to use the gun, without having to leave the massage halfway to load it.
  • Different heads for the treatment of different areas.
  • 3 adjustable intensity levels.
  • Lightweight allowing for easy handling.

Disadvantages Hypervolt

  • The design of the gun is not ergonomic and it is not as easy to handle as the Therabody models that allow you to massage yourself without any problems.
  • The power and on/off buttons are in different places..
  • The amplitude of this gun is 10 mm. If you are a person with large muscle mass, you may prefer Ached Away or Therabody.

Buy Hypervolt

On Amazon:

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 - Hypervolt...
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In Hypervolt:

Cheap CrossFit massagers

We have also tested other models from lesser known brands with similar functionality, but the power and quality of materials is inferior.

T2 of Bob and Brad

We have this gun at home and it is one of the ones we use the most because it is the smallest and quietest we have tested. And we have found that these two features are key to using it more.

It only has 10 mm amplitudebut for us it is more than efficient. Unless you have a large muscle mass, this should not be a drawback.

The pack includes 5 heads and a cover to transport it.

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