Best backpacks for CrossFit

When you start in CrossFit you don't really need anything special to train. But as we gain experience, we want to improve our performance and start using more accessories.

That's why we end up carrying very large backpacks to bring everything to the box. To be prepared for any WOD.

In this post we will analyze the most popular backpacks among crossfitters and we're going to share some of the best options.

crossfit backpack

What's in a CrossFitter backpack?

We need a large and sturdy backpack because our list of accessories "just in case" is very broad.

Essential CrossFit accessories:

Shoes and weightlifting shoes

Shoes for the WOD are essential. You can start by using some shoes you already have from the gym or running, but eventually you will need to buy a pair of more durable shoes. Check these CrossFit specific shoes.

It is likely that over time you will also get a pair of weightlifting shoes.

Comfortable clothing for training

And with clothes it will be the same as with sneakers. Eventually you will prefer clothing designed for this sport.This will be the way to make your training as comfortable as possible. Especially for girls it is important to choose a good high impact training bra .

Basic CrossFit accessories

Jumping rope

In your box there are ropes for everyone, but it is very useful to have your own. 

  • You will be able to practice the double unders out of the box. 
  • You will always have it adjusted to your height.
  • You will make sure for your own sake to store it correctly so that the cable does not get tangled.


The hands are one of the parts that suffer the most in our workouts.

Having good grips will help you minimize possible damage in gymnastics-predominant WODs.

Other CrossFit accessories

Knee pads, wrist guards and belt

If you decide to devote some extra time to strength training, you'll find that these extra restraints can be very useful.

Post training

If you are a post-workout drinker, don't forget your shaker and your fruit to recover. You can read more about the best post workout on this article.

The best CrossFit backpacks

These are the most recommended:

Velites Storm

Probably the most complete CrossFit backpack we've seen on the market.

Until now I was a 5.11 user but I sincerely believe that Storm is more complete.

First of all because unlike the 5.11, the Storm has been designed by people who practice CrossFit and know everything we may need.

It is true that the price is the highest of all, but this is a backpack for years, if you take good care of it you may not need to buy another one in your entire life.

Here is a complete review:

Backpack 5.11 Rush 72

Military backpacks became very famous among crossfitters especially since the Games in 2015 used the weighted vests on the Murph event.

It has many different compartments so that you can store everything in an orderly fashion.

These are the two most useful models for the Box.

Rush 72: 55 L

5.11 Tactical Backpack Rush 72 2.0...
  • Compartments: tactical backpack with 30 individual interior compartments and...
  • Durable: made of durable 1050D nylon, this military backpack is resistant to wear and...

Rush 24: 37 L

5.11 Tactical backpack - Rush 24...
  • Compartments: tactical backpack with 29 interior and exterior compartments....
  • Durable: made of durable 1050D nylon, this military backpack is resistant to wear and...

As a curiosity, the models have these names because they refer to the number of hours you can spend hiking away from home with that backpack.

The color options are typical military: black, gray, green, even camouflage print.

5.11 is a high quality military tactical brand. It is the second most expensive option of all but, like with the Storm, if you buy a 5.11 backpack, you may not need to buy another one.

Buy cheap CrossFit backpack

If you're looking for a cheaper tactical backpack, here's a selection of the best-selling ones.

ZEHNHASE Tactical Backpack...
  • MOLLE system - Many mounting points on the outside of the tactical backpack...
  • Large Capacity - The large multi-layer interior storage compartments are...
Delgeo Military Tactical Backpack,...
  • 45L Large Capacity: The total size of this military tactical backpack is...
  • Tough and durable workmanship: This military backpack has 30 years of...
Everfly Tactical Military Backpack 45L...
  • Durable and quality materials] 800D Oxford Nylon, resistant to wear and...
  • 🎒 [INFINITY OF USES] Crossfit, Survival, Hunting, Fishing, Camping,...
EDIFIT, Crossfit Backpack, 45L,...
  • e QUALITY MATERIALS: the Edifit backpack is made of 900D Oxford,...
  • e LARGE CAPACITY: with its 45L provides large storage capacity, has...