Velites Storm Backpack

The Storm is not a CrossFit backpack any, is designed by and for crossfitters, with an exclusive and patented design by Velites.

Its main advantage is that, unlike other styles of backpacks, everything is neatly tucked away, giving you more space for your belongings. sense of order and cleanliness.

large crossfit backpack

It is rigid, with high quality materials and very complete:

External features

Rain resistant

Most CrossFit backpacks get soaked when it rains. The Storm is built to withstand the rain.

crossfit waterproof backpack

Allows accessories to be hung

There are some accessories that require ventilation after use, such as callipers, knee pads...

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velites backpack

Space for laptop

Perfectly protected with padding on both sides

crossfit backpack and laptop

Key pocket

You have a small space to access them quickly without having to look for them among many other things.

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Water hole to keep water on hand

Exclusive water pocket

velites backpack to carry water

Security pocket

It does not have the zipper straps to make it a more protected pocket.

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Adjustable adjustment

Not only if you want it tighter or narrower, but also the height to the chest.

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Back reinforcement for cushioning and increased breathability

This area cushions the back and increases airflow to reduce perspiration.

Easy access pocket

Another pocket for small items that you can open from the outside

Extra strips

You can add cylindrical objects such as a foam roller or a mat.

crossfit travel backpack

Separate shoe pocket

In this way the footwear does not come into contact with the main volume of the backpack.

crossfit shoes backpack

Extra pocket for more shoes

In the case of carrying more shoes, you can add extra space.

It provides an extra 5 liters of space.

2 pairs of shoes crossfit backpack

WOD bag 

It is the most special part of the backpack and has many functionalities.

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  • Capacity 5 liters
  • Attached with magnets and the fitlock (a security padlock).
  • When you get to the box, you can leave the backpack in the dressing room and drop this one. WOD bag to carry with you the accessories you'll need in training, so you don't have everything lying around. It has a zipper and not only does this bag open completely, but you can make it stay open for easy access. 
  • You wouldn't say you can use it as a tripod to record yourself. It has strong magnets on the back and is fully attached to the rack at the height you need. To the back of the cell phone you attach the supplied plate and so you attach the cell phone to the backpack. It is much more comfortable than having the mobile on the floor or having to put drawers.
  • You can use it as a shoulder strap or store the straps, or add them for extra security if you travel.
  • If you like to show off your patches, there is a Velcro area for you to attach them.
velites crossfit backpack

Interior space

  • Large capacity: 37 liters
  • Wide zipper for full access to the entire space.
  • Different zippers to keep everything in place.
  • Waterproof area so that wet items are separated and do not wet other things you carry.
  • Toilet bag that attaches with magnets.
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Where to buy?

The Storm backpack is now available on the Velites website.

Use the coupon ANABELPUMP to get a discount on your purchase.

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