Nike FREE X Metcon 3: The most versatile sneaker

The Nike Free X Metcon 3 sneaker is about to hit the market, in fact it is already available in the United States and will soon be available in the rest of the world.

With a revamped design, the shoe that uses the "Free" running sole and is intended to replicate barefoot running joins the models of CrossFit shoes "Metcon", to cope with any type of WOD.

What is the price?

In the USA it costs 120$ so we assume that in Europe it should be around 120€.

Where to buy?

Your best option is always the official Nike store in Spain.

New Nike Free X Metcon 3

The sole

The sole is very different from that of the Free X Metcon 2.

The front part is very flexible as usual in the Free models, but a more resistant rubber is added to increase durability.

Nike Free X METCON 3
Free + Metcon sole

The middle part, which we use for rope climbs, has changed significantly and we now have more space for the rope. Regarding this issue, I have been informed that there have been complaints of broken shoes on rope descents.. As soon as I can test them, I will expand on this information.

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The heel is very flat and solid, engraved with the Metcon symbol, for good stability during weightlifting.

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Sole nike free x metcon 3
free x metcon 3 sole
Metcon type sole

The rear side of the sole (in the first photo, where we see the 3 orange Nike symbols) is quite high providing a feeling of support in lateral movements.

The drop

For now we do not have data on the drop (height between the heel and the "big" toe of our foot), we know that the previous model was 6mm.

The upper part

It has two layers of fabric, both of which provide a soft and comfortable feel. The laces are rounded style and the grip on the foot is "sock-like" as there is no tongue.

differences free x metcon 3

The size

The number on these shoes would be the same you should use in other shoes of the same brand. However, this new version is a bit thinner in the forefoot, so if you have a wide foot, you may need to fit a half size larger to feel comfortable.


The shoe weighs 345gr in men's size 11 so we can say that it weighs almost the same as the previous model.

differences free x metcon 3 and 2


It includes a removable insole, but compared to other models, it is a simple insole with no extra support or flexibility.

What is the difference between Free X Metcon 3 and Free X Metcon 2?

- It is taller.
- Thinner at the front.
- The laces are round.
- Larger sole, with more rear surface.
- The previous model made noise when you moved, in this model it does not happen.

What is the difference between Metcon 5 and Free X Metcon 3?

- The Metcon 5 sole is much flatter and stiffer for greater contact.
- The internal insole has 2 parts: The rear part is very rigid.
- Free X Metcon 3 would be best for metabolic wods that include running for example.

What is the difference between React Metcon and Free X Metcon 3?

- React Metcon has no laces, it has a loop fastening.
- The React Metcon sole is the same style as the Metcon 5.
- The React insole is specially designed to rebound energy with every step.

What is the difference between Nano 9 and Free X Metcon 3?

- Nano 9 is wider at the front.
- Firmer sole.
- Less forward flexibility.

Women's colors

free x metcon 3 women's colors

Men's colors

nike free x metcon 3 colors man
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