All about the Nike Metcon 4

This model is discontinued, I recommend that you visit the following article with the most current models:

It went on sale in January 2018was launched in the U.S. on January 1, and day 4 to the rest of the world.

We have an advantage because we are in the Dubai Fitness Championship. It is an unofficial competition of CrossFit which has been held in Dubai since 2012 and attracts the best in the sport. As in the Games, the selection process is online, no regionals are held, but the top 30 in each division are chosen.

Well, this year we are in Dubai to tell you in first person about the competition, and one of the details that we can tell you is precisely about the Metcon 4, because it is the shoe used by the athletes in this competition. They are the first to test them.

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Features of the Nike Metcon 4 

When it's time to revamp a shoe, designers keep everything they've emphasized that works well and get to work on other aspects that can be improved. In this case, the specifications of the Metcon 4:

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  • The sole of the shoe is the same as the Metcon 3. Rubber solespecial design for better traction in different directions and 4 millimeters of offset for good stability.
  • Interior quilting to protect the foot from major impacts, derived from the nature of Fitness, high intensity.
  • New technology in the material that covers the shoe to improve its resistance and durability. Without forgetting the breathability of the shoe and the flexibility in the areas where it is most needed.
  • In addition, this material has been designed to provide better foot support compared to previous models.
  • They have added one more hole to pass the laces, now there are a total of 6. This provides more capacity to adjust the shoe to your comfort and needs.
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Lukas Horberg with Nike Metcon 4 at the Dubai Fitness Championship

What Nike athletes say

Before a new shoe model is released, Nike always tests the model with the best. The elite CrossFit professionals who are undoubtedly the ones who can provide the most feedback.

Some of the athletes who have been participating with their feedback in the design of different Metcon models have been Mat Fraser, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Kara Webb, Josh Bridges.

I still remember last year, at the presentation of the Metcon 3, Mat Fraser said that the first day he got the shoes he tested them with 100 rope climbs... All very normal you might think. Then I realized that if the new Metcon could keep up with the fittest on earth, it could also keep up with mine.

And with that in mind, the Nike team is always looking for ways to improve by working closely with the best in the sport.

This time, Josh Bridges has participated in the development of the new Metcon 4. According to the ex-military man himself, he always expects to have a hole in his Metcons since he knows he trains in them a lot more than the average Metcons wearer. He says he always expects a pinhole or a piece of material to come out of the shoe. But this time, he proudly and pleasantly surprised explains that he's been wearing the Metcon 4 since March and unlike any of his other shoes it's still not shredded.

Nike Metcon 4 Video

Here is my video review of training shoes.

Nike metcon 4 now available

Today, January 4, 2018, the new sneaker has been officially released for sale. Nike Metcon 4. There are several colors for men and different colors for women.

Colors for women:

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Colors for men:

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Metcon 4 is discontinued, I recommend visit this article about the most current sneakers.

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