Nike Metcon 5: What you should know

This model is discontinued, I recommend you review the most current models in this article:

Nike's new flagship is now available on the market. The Nike metcon 5 becomes the shoe of the 2019 - 2020 season for CrossFit athletes.

A model whose leaks caused a lot of commotion in social networks due to the changes in design but that in a short time we have become accustomed to.

But what makes these shoes special? What has changed?

Differences between Metcon 5 and previous Metcon 5

- Work has been done on the upper part to make it more resistant to rope climbs.
- The tongue is softer and improves support and fastening.
- The side part of the sole, which is now higher, has a special design for more grip on rope climbs and allows a smoother glide when descending. The higher sole has increased durability.
- The now wider heel provides more stability for heavy lifts, snatches, cleans and shoulder-to-overhead movements.
- The "Nike Hyperlift", an 8mm insole for men and 6mm for women, serves to improve stability.
- The dual density sole is softer in the forefoot. This adds comfort and protection during high impact movements such as double unders, box jumps, burpees and so on.
- A new outsole pattern, made of a stickier rubber in the forefoot and a more durable rubber in the heel, improves traction during sprints and sled runs. Both rubbers add durability to weak spots and prevent wear.
- The Metcon logo was also updated. It is bigger, sleeker and more prominent.

What has not changed

- The heel clip remains the same.

What is the difference between Metcon 5 and AMP?

The difference between the Metcon 5 models with the Metcon 5 AMP is basically the fabrics that have been used. The "AMP" are newer models that are equivalent to special editions. For example they may have leather on some part of the shoe, or a different pattern on the front textures... But the shoe itself is practically the same.

Where to buy the Metcon 5?

The best place to buy this model is directly from the manufacturer.

  • Nike offers the best guarantee.
  • Free shipping if you sign up for Nike Plus.
  • You may return the item within 60 days.
  • Option to pick up the order at the store of your choice.

Can they be used for running?

Metcon 5 men's colors

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Metcon 5 women's colors

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Metcon 5 Mat Fraser edition

At the end of June a special edition of these shoes was launched with a special design related to Mat Fraser. The signature on the sole, circles representing the victories in the Games, in short, an edition for lovers of the American CrossFit athlete.

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Unfortunately this edition sold out very quickly and is no longer available.

First to show off these sneakers was Sammy Moniz, Mat Fraser's partner, on her Instagram feed @feedingthefrasers.

metcon 5 fraser edition

This would be the classic black model with white sole.

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White model with black sole

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nike metcon 5 launch