Nike Metcon 7

The Metcon 7 is here!

In this article I will explain all the news about this new metcon model.

In fact, we have been analyzing metcon from almost day one and we know exactly what you want to know.


MAT FRASER edition available: July 1
Available for "Nike members": July 3
Available to all: July 9


The price of the Metcon 7 is 129,99 €.

Where to buy them

You can purchase the Metcon 7 at official Nike website. Free delivery with Nike Membership and you can return the product within 60 days at no charge.

Metcon 7 Mat Fraser edition

On July 1, the special edition of Mat Fraser's Metcon went on sale, as has become tradition. With a very limited print run and on sale simultaneously all over the world, the units are sold out in a very short time.

Below you can check the availability of this limited edition:

metcon 7 mat fraser edition

Metcon 7 technical innovations

If there is one clear element that has characterized all Metcon products it is their resistance.

As explained by the Mat Fraser model 7 is more stable thanks to a larger base in the heel that helps distribute weight more effectively when you are lifting weights.

metcon 7

A sturdy shoe that could cope with any kind of CrossFit WODwithout limitations.

The sole

They have added the React foam for increased comfort to keep you prepared for high-intensity cardio.

This foam creates a comfortable, cushioned base that feels light and springy when you put it on for jumping or running. This Metcon is more "runner" than ever.

The grooves in the sole allow the forefoot to flex naturally.

metcon 7 analysis
metcon 7 flexibility

Holding and gripping

The renewed rubber wraps around your bow for intense grip during rope ascents. Both on the inner and outer side. This way, no matter what technique you use to climb the rope, you will be protected and have grip.

nike metcon 7 price
Reinforcement metcon 7 rope climbs

In turn, so it doesn't feel like a boot that impedes movement, lightweight mesh with textured overlays in high-wear areas helps keep the foot cool without sacrificing durability.

Flywire fabric integrates with the laces to help secure the midfoot.


The flat heel becomes even more stable with an inner plate that distributes weight from edge to edge. So you feel firm when you need it most when lifting weights.

But they have thought of everything and to prevent it from being too hard, it also allows flexing providing comfort for cardio exercises.

The new clip design helps minimize the area in contact with the wall in hand stand push ups to prevent rubbing from slowing you down.

Tongue and laces

metcon 7 laces

This new design maintains the laces inside the tongue with a hook-and-loop fastenerso you don't have to worry about them coming undone when you're focused on giving it your all in the WOD.

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