Nike Metcon 8

New CrossFit shoes in sight!

The next metcon model arrives, the 8 follows the line of the 7 with slight changes that we will discuss in this article.

Where to buy?

You can now buy your metcon 8:

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What's new in the Nike Metcon 8?

Upper fabric

Material change in the front part of the shoe because some users had reported breakage.

nike metcon 8 changes

If we look at the shoe from above. We see that it is divided in two. The external part comes with a reinforcement that will improve durability, in addition to giving play in the color design.

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The Rope Climb area

The front part where the rope is to be slid received quite a bit of criticism in terms of design.

metcon 8 and metcon 7 shoes

The part that extended this area to the top has been eliminated.

Change in lacing holes

Nike has eliminated the Flying wire from the lacing holes. Some athletes reported that it was difficult to place the laces once they were removed.

differences metcon 8 and metcon 7

Heel area

The rear area is less padded.

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