Nike Romaleos 3 Review

This model has been discontinued to make way for the Romaleos 4 and Savaleos. I recommend you take a look at the following article.

After several weeks of wearing the weightlifting shoe Nike Romaleos 3to test it for my weightlifting classes and for my weightlifting wods. CrossFitNow, it is time to go into detail about its technical specifications and how it feels to train with them.

Since acquiring such a shoe is quite an investment, I hope you find this review useful.

Nike Romaleos 3 design

The first thing we see first of all is the new style they have given to the Romaleos. While the Romaleos 1 and 2 had an aesthetic that followed a very similar line, the Romaleos 3 break with this look to give them a new look. a different look. They are somewhat reminiscent of a soccer boot but obviously only aesthetically.

Now have only one Velcro strap, instead of two. Personally I find that it is a success because it is easier to put on and I do not feel that I have lost security when I wear them. Also the fact that they have made this strap disappear that was closer to the toes makes you feel a little more flexibility in this part of the foot.

Considering that in CrossFit we usually do less weightlifting than in pure weightlifting, I find that this is much appreciated.

Material of these weightlifting shoes

With the Romaleos 3 a more breathable material than what we are used to is introduced. You can see that it also contains small holes that help this purpose of breathability. Now it seems that my feet can breathe a little more 🙂 All possible considering that they are not flip flops to go to the beach.


In relation to the Romaleos 2 we have gained lightness, Romaleos 3 weigh less and you notice it as soon as you try them on. In particular the front part is more flexible and it seems that they have made this model thinking about those of us who practice CrossFit. The Romaleos 2 were very, very stiff and didn't allow you to do anything other than weight lifting. The fact of not having a second strap is probably the reason why we have saved a few grams. 

The last 

They are a little narrower than the Romaleos 2 and also have a slightly more pronounced arc.

Incorporates two types of soles so you can choose the most rigid or the least rigid insole. As each foot is a world of its own, there are tastes for everything, you can customize the comfort of the shoe in some way.

In addition, the front part of the shoe is somewhat more flexible, which is especially appreciated if you do CrossFit because you know that in the same way that you have to do a snatch here you have to go to the bar to do toes to bar, and it is more comfortable to walk with them. It's something you also value positively in movements like a split jerk.


Surely this is the most important point of the sneaker review. Beyond the fact that they really have a design that I like a lot, is that they really have the functionality that is expected of them. And what you look for most in a weightlifting shoe is stability. And on this point they get a 10.

What size am I in Nike Romaleos?

This issue is one of the most delicate because whoever wears a 6 in one shoe may need a 7 in another... In my case, I'm a 36 in Metcon and the same size in Romaleos. If you come from Nano shoes, I was a 35.5. This means, at Reebok I had to order half a size down to get the shoes to fit. I hope this is a reference for you.

Anyway, it's not something you should be too overwhelmed about either, if you buy them online and they don't fit the way you expected, you can always make the change you need 😉.

Nike Romaleos 3 Price

Such a specific shoe makes its price increase substantially. A priori you may be surprised by the price of this type of accessory but you should keep in mind that they are shoes that will last much longer than the Metcon you use for the WOD. They are usually found at a price of around 200 €.

You can see a little more of the shoe in this review

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And over here, how they respond in training.

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I hope you found the information helpful. You can always access the Nike page with the official description of the shoes to complement this review.