Reebok Nano X: the "ultimate" CrossFit shoe

This model has been discontinued, making way for new Nano versions. I recommend you to take a look at the latest models in this article:

Reebok has presented the new model of CrossFit shoes, the Reebok Nano X.

Nano 10, the last of the saga?

Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of Reebok and CrossFit's partnership, what will probably be the last model to be used by the CrossFit brand is unveiled. Greg Glassman has already announced that one of the moves to democratize the Games would be to end exclusivity contracts like the one he has had with the Reebok brand for 10 years.

nano 10 Reebok
New Reebok Nano 10

In fact, in the past Games 2019 we could see how the athletes wore Reebok uniforms but could wear the shoes of their choice. Something that was especially shocking after so many years in which we have seen athletes head to toe in Reebok clothing only.

Although the launches have not always coincided every 12 months, Reebok has been designing new Nano models for a decade.

Nano X Froning

The special edition of Rich Froning could bring more novelties in terms of the design of its structure, in addition to the ribbon that crosses the shoe.

The date of sale would be July 21 and although the rumors were that the price could shoot up to 200€, finally its price is the same as that of the normal models.

Froning nano x
froning nano x

How much does the Reebok Nano X cost?

The price will be around 130€, the same as its predecessors.

Where to buy the Nano 10?

price nano x

The Reebok official website is your best option because they have the best customer service. Look for me on instagram because there I will be announcing the discount codes as they come out.

Nano X and Nano 9 differences?

According to those who have been able to test this model, they would be narrower at the front so in my case I would go back to my usual size 36, instead of using the 35.5 that I used in previous versions.

With the help of feedback from the professional athletes they rely on, they have always tried to improve the crosfitter's experience by bringing the latest technology to the table.

Some of the best-known faces of the brand are Rich Froning, Annie Thorisdottir, Patrick Vallner or Brent Fikowski.

nano x athletes
Brent Fikowski Reebok athlete

Colors of the Nano X

The Nano X range will include a range of 9 colors.

nano x models
Colors of Nano X
nano X colors
Nano X black and white