Reebok Nano X2

The second model of CrossFit shoes to appear in 2022, the Nano X2 goes on sale shortly after the 22.3 announcement, where Annie Thotisdottir debuted them as brand ambassador.

Price: 130€
Weight: 289g
Drop: 7 mm

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Nano X2 News

What's new in the 12th version of the nano? They are very similar to the Nano X2 with adjustments that make it an improved shoe.

Front side

The upper material is made of flexweave, breathable, flexible and very light.

nano analysis x2

The front is quite wideideal for those who are looking for a wide shoe.

In the area and the heel are reinforced to increase the feeling of support general.

differences nano x1 and x2

In the lateral area they have included a rubber ropepro designed to improve the grip on the rope climbs.


This area of the shoe has been redesigned to offer more stability

  • lower than the previous model to avoid discomfort in the Achilles area and around the ankle.
  • increased padding for improved support.
nano x 2 reebok

The sole

The X1 was very reminiscent of a running shoe because of its great cushioning and in the X2 they wanted to return a little bit to the typical CrossFit shoe firmness.

The sole uses the floatride energy foam.

If we bend the shoe, we can see how the front part is very flexible, while the rear part remains more rigid, thus providing the balance between firmness and cushioning we look for in CrossFit.

nano x2 crossfit

The thickness and drop is the same as in the previous model:

  • Drop: 7mm
  • Tip height 12.5mm
  • Heel height: 19.5 mm

How are they sized?


If your foot is narrow, you will probably find the Nano too roomy and uncomfortable. In that case I recommend other options for training such as the metcon 7.