Tribase Reign 4

What's new about Under Armour's newest model of CrossFit shoe? 

In this post we review the strengths and weaknesses of the shoe so you can decide if it will be your best choice for WODs.

Technical Data

Triangle on the soleTRIBASE: Hence the name TRIBASE, it is the most characteristic element of the shoe and is designed to provide stability.

tribase reign 4 sole

Drop: 2 mm
Sole thickness: 3 cm
Breathable mesh: the shoe is wrapped in this material, which allows the foot to breathe.

tribase reign 4 fabric

Wide tongue: is raised at the instep and allows the laces not to be in direct contact with the foot.

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under armour tribase reign 4

Heel support: to offer more support
Size: if you hesitate between 2 sizes, I recommend you to choose the largest. I normally wear a 36 and in this model I fit a 36.5. 

The opposite is the case with clothing I recommend that you choose the small size, as the pattern is generous. In my case I usually wear a S, and this season my clothes are an XS.


Laced style

In previous models this shoe was sock style. Although this design will have its followers, a lace-up shoe gives many more options.

You can always choose whether or not you need more support. Or you can adjust throughout the day depending on whether you are training or not.


Although it is not a purely minimalist shoe, offers great flexibility and safety by feeling close to the ground.


The sole is wider than in previous models, which allows more space and comfort for the foot. 

tribase reign 4 reviews


It is a shoe that weighs little compared to other CrossFit options.

Removable insole

You can remove the template to insert a personal one in case you need it without taking up more space.

tribase 4 sole


Color lovers may find that the design offers few alternatives. 

My personal opinion

Those leaning towards minimalist footwear or transitioning, this is surely the best option on the market right now.

Wide toe cap, thin sole, flexible, little cushioning...

At present I train most of the time with the Xero 360but I recognize that in particularly aggressive exercises for the shoes such as handstand push ups, o rope climbs, the shoes are not ideal

The Under Armour Tribase Reign 4 can be a good option for those who do not want to give up the comfort of minimalism and at the same time want a shoe that can withstand everything we do in the box.

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