Tribase Reign 5

The 5th edition of Under Armour's CrossFit shoe has arrived.

One of the flattest and toughest CrossFit shoes available, ready for any situation: lifting, running, rope climbs, plyometrics...

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  • UA WARP fabric
  • Versatile
  • Lower price compared to top brands.


  • The hole near the tongue may be uncomfortable for people with a thick ankle.
  • For some people, the sole may be too hard.

Technical data


2 mm, it is still one of the shoes with the lowest drop on the market. That is why it is considered a shoe with minimalist characteristics.

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The sole is practically the same as the previous model. 

It retains Under Armour's signature triangle (UA TriBase™ technology), which brings you closer to the ground and provides stability as well as flexibility for natural foot movement.

The midsole is made of Micro G® foam for good cushioning. 

Rubber outsole wraps around the sidewalls ensuring durability and abrasion resistance with grip in the midfoot for rope climbs.

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The upper part

It is in this part of the shoe where we see most of the changes and makes it look like a completely new model.

The greatest innovation, technology UA WARP in the upper fabric, providing greater support and resistance.

This change has been very positively received. Without being in boot design as in previous models, it has managed to improve the feeling of having the foot tucked in despite being low profile.


The lacing area, instead of being completely centered, has a special design that brings it slightly towards the inside.

The last hole is quite high. For most people it will not be an inconvenience, perhaps it may cause some discomfort in certain movements to people with wide ankles.

opinion tribase reign 5


Wider and more padded than the previous model.


The heel area is now more cushioned for a more comfortable fit.


Use your usual size, if you think you were at the end of the size I advise you to go half a size up, as it seems slightly smaller, so much so that many people have not even needed to go up a size.

If you haven't worn Tribase before, the sizing is the same as Nike Metcon.

Where to buy


It is the CrossFit shoe cheaper of the main brands that sell this type of shoes. The price of Nano and Metcon starts at 140€.


This shoe is ideal for those who are looking for a minimal drop, but are not looking for a minimalist training shoe.

If you have a wide foot, you will feel more comfortable with a Nano.

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