Review Under Armour Tribase Reign 2

The Under Armour Tribase Reign 2 was launched in early 2020 and is currently the CrossFit shoe of choice for athletes such as James Newbury and Marquan Jones.

After having tested my Reign 2 in the box with training sessions of all kinds, I would like to share my feelings with you. Because, even though Under Armour is not one of the best positioned brands in this sport, the Tribase is a shoe to consider.

This is not the first time I have used Under Armour shoes, I have previously used models such as Hovr Rise or Tribase Reign 1, and I felt very comfortable training with them.

Technical characteristics

  • Tribase outsoleThe triangular position of the shoe is designed to enhance contact with the ground and stability from the big toe to the little toe and up to the beginning of the heel. Its material is made of a rubber that supports the compression that happens with the lifting of high weights.

    tribase reign 2 crossfit
  • Micro G foam midsole: helps cushion rebounds.
  • ReinforcementThe sole: from the outermost sole, a reinforcement is extended towards the upper to provide more security and better support for the foot.
  • Reinforced heelso that you do not have the sensation of the foot slipping on the back of the shoe.
  • Material durabilityThis shoe is designed and engineered to handle all wods, no matter how aggressive they may be for the shoe.
  • Breathable meshThe material on the upper part of the shoe allows for breathability.
  • Boot designThe laces are used to further tighten the shoe, but not to loosen it.
  • Weight: 307 g
tribase reign 2 shoes

How are they sized?

It follows a real pattern. I'm usually a 36 EU and in this shoe that's the size I wear.

UA Tribase Reign 2 Price

The full price of the shoe is 120€.

Men's models

Women's models

The best and the worst


  • High sole stability. The strongest point of this shoe and the one that places it above other brands.
  • Complete fit of the foot to the shoe. Eliminates any sensation of the foot "dancing" inside the shoe during running or jumping movements.


  • Boot designThe fit of the boot is very well calibrated as it is not so tight as to feel uncomfortable, nor is it too loose. Even so, the fit of the boot is very well calibrated as it is not so tight that the shoe feels uncomfortable, nor is it too loose.

My opinion

Like the Reign (1), my first feeling when I tried this shoe is that they are peculiar, minimalist and stiff.

You feel "glued" to the ground and I like the way it has responded in my training sessions.

Although a priori I would not choose a shoe with boot systemI recognize that even though I wear the Reign during training and then the rest of the day, my foot does not feel more "squashed than usual".. Something that had happened to me with an older model of the Metcon DSX.

Therefore, I consider the design of the boot to be only somewhat impractical for putting on and taking off the shoe and does not interfere with the functionality of the shoe, I still think it is a very good choice for CrossFit.. That's why I recommend it to all of you who ask me for my opinion, even though in general people are debating between "nano and metcon".

In addition, has the advantage that its full price is 10€ cheaper. than other shoes on the market such as the Nano or the Mecton.

tribase reign 2 price

And beyond my opinion as a crossfitter, the design of the Under Armour brand has a very good reputation within the expert podiatrist collective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences with Tribase Reign 1 and 2?

  • The boot design is the major innovation
  • Thinner midsole material
  • The shoe sits higher at the ankle

Difference between Tribase Reign and a Nano or Metcon?

I think that's the question I get asked the most. When it comes to choosing everyone wants to get it right and they prefer to pass that responsibility to me 😛.

I will tell you that all of these shoes are designed to be good CrossFit shoes. and that they really live up to expectations:

  • Resistant materials that do not abrade to the rope or wall climbs
  • Stability in lifting
  • Cushioning in plyometrics.

But at the same time they are all different in that they enhance some areas more than others.

Now, depending on personal preference, one model or another may work better for you. And so I will tell you:

  • If you like minimalist footwearThis shoe is the best for you. The Metcon is the least suitable, and the Nano would be in the middle.
  • If you prioritize the feeling of ground grip and stabilitythe Reign is the best. The Metcon would be the next model I would recommend, and the Nano the last.
  • If you like to feel the foot tight, these are the best ones. The Metcon would be the next option and I would discard the Nano.
  • If you need a more cushioned soleyour first choice would be the Nano, then the Metcon and I would discard the Tribase.

Are they suitable for running?

Considering the amount of running we're used to doing in a CrossFit class, yes they're good for running. But if you plan on using this shoe to go out every week to rack up the miles, I recommend the Hovr Machinathe most comfortable shoe I've ever run in.

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