Venom Back for low back pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments among adults and people who practice a sport such as CrossFit.

Massage girdle Hyperice Venom Back uses more than just heat. of a traditional mat, but it also incorporates the technique of vibration to help relax the lumbar region.

If you want to know in detail how Venom Back can help you, keep reading this review.

What is Hyperice Venom Back?

The Venom Back from Hyperice is a belt wireless that massages the lower back through heat and vibration. Unlike a traditional mat, the Venom Back fits snugly to make it more comfortable to use and is also wireless.

The belt is designed with neoprene and nylon for elasticity. Velcro helps secure the grip at the setting needed and makes it very easy to put on and take off.

How does this lumbar heat belt work?

Place the device around your waist using the Velcro to regulate a comfortable fit.

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Turn on the belt by pressing and holding the lower button on the control.

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Use the touch control on the screen and press START.

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Once the massage has started, you will be able to modify the rest of the massage options with the touch screen:

  • 3 heat intensities
  • 3 vibration intensities
  • the display will show the remaining massage time on the TIMER.
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To prevent the session settings from being changed by mistakenly touching the screen, the screen is automatically locked.

If you want to activate it to change the temperature or vibration at any time, you must press the BUTTON on the left of the control.

Each cycle lasts 20 minutes. After this time it switches off automatically.

The display is very intuitive and the belt is very comfortable. to use while you are doing other things around the house without having to stand still.


It is possible that the belt may absorb some of your own sweat.

Allow the device to perspire after use and before storing it. You can use a damp cloth to clean the surface but without soaking the product.

Technical characteristics of the lumbar belt

Temperature levels

3 levels available:

54 ºC - 63 ºC - 71 ºC

Vibration settings:

The device consists of 4 points that generate the vibration and are activated in different ways depending on the chosen configuration.

  • waveThe heads vibrate one at a time.
  • pulseActivate the two upper ones and then the two lower ones.
  • constantThe four points vibrate uninterruptedly.

Battery life

Lithium battery that can last up to 1 hour on the highest power setting.

At the bottom of the display there are dots indicating the battery level of the device.

It is charged by connecting it to the power supply.

Benefits of using a lumbar heat and vibration belt

Hyperice is known for its vibration and percussion massage pistols.

Combination of vibration and heat is the key to increasing blood flow and relieving pain helping to further recovery.

Vibration is improved:

  • the sensation of muscle pain,
  • mitigates stiffness,
  • improves the tone of trigger points,
  • increases circulation
  • and consequently reduces recovery times.
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When to use it

You can use Venom Back whenever you prefer.

  • It can help you to warming up before training.
  • Or you can use it to relax the area after training.

One of the most common uses is outside of training to relieve the area when it feels loaded.

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