XERO 360

Are there minimalist shoes designed for CrossFit?

Well, the answer is yes, until recently I never imagined that I could also wear respectful shoes for training.

In this review I tell you all the typical doubts you may have before switching to a shoe of this style. I can tell you that my experience with them is very positive, so keep reading because you will be interested!

Technical characteristics of the 360

It is a training and minimalist shoe, which means that it is lightweight, totally flexible and with no drop or cushioning.

Superior tough outer material

Unlike previous models, the 360 has improved external material with rubber strips to make it much more durable and does not deteriorate easily with exercises such as rope climbing, or wall walks.

Even so, it remains fully flexible and highly breathable.

xero 360


People who feel that their feet dance in shoes such as the Nano, the 360 fits like a glove.

It does not squeeze, but it holds, provides space for the foot without feeling like you have too much shoe.

It obviously depends on the anatomy of each person's foot, but I consider that I have a foot neither too thin nor too wide, and the last seems perfect to me.

minimalist training shoes

Removable insole

Especially interesting for those who want to feel even closer to the ground if possible.

Outsole with good grip

When doing plyometrics, fast movements, running or receiving the impact of a heavy jerk, it responds correctly despite not having cushioning.

review xero 360

The sole also extends slightly around the contour of the shoe, offering greater support and durability. 

0 drop

This provides high stability for exercises, especially weightlifting. The amount of material separating you from the floor is minimal.


The size is real to the number you use in other brands.


It is undoubtedly the least important of all the analysis, but it is not superfluous to mention it.

Gone are the days when minimalist running shoe models were quite ugly.

xero 360 crossfit

Of course this is totally subjective, but Xero's 360 looks like a nice shoe to me.

In fact, as I said, I use it not only for training and I wear it almost every day.

Price of the Xero 360

In relation to other CrossFit shoes this slipper is located in the same price range as usual. 

Compared to other minimalist shoes, Xero is one of the most economical shoes without sacrificing quality.

You can see the models and price here.

Xero 360 Women

xero crossfit shoe

Xero 360 Men

minimalist crossfit shoe

My experience

I admit that before using a minimalist shoe for training I used to go barefoot as long as I finished the workout. In fact, it was usual that during some part, such as accessories or mobility, I would do it barefoot.

On the other hand, the shoe is so comfortable that I not only train in it, but I spend most of the day in it.. They have become my everyday sneakers.

I still have other models of CrossFit shoes, but I tend to use more and more minimalist shoes. So if you are thinking about it, I can only give you good opinions. From the first day I tried them on I was delighted.

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