XERO Forza Trainer

The Forza Trainer is a weightlifting shoe by Xero for those who also want to use a minimalist shoe when strength training.

It is designed especially for those who want a shoe that being minimalist, has a little more sole.

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Technical Data

  • Drop 0
  • Wide at the front to ensure sufficient room for the fingers. 
  • Removable insole
  • The sole is slightly thicker than the 360 although it is still fully flexible and offers a good grip
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Boot design, sock-like feel
  • Strap: increases ankle stability while helping the laces stay in place*.

* Some users have mentioned that the velcro strap is too short. Although for most people this does not seem to be a problem, as no further adjustment of the shoe is needed, on very thin feet it could be missed. 

Forza trainer XERO


If you were using the 360, a training reference model of the same brand, size a little smaller. In that case, I recommend ordering half a size up.

If it is the first time you use the brand, it is still the same I would advise half a number more than the one you order on a regular basis.

Available from 35.5 to 48.



The shoe is available in several colors: 3 for women, 3 for men.

Personally, I usually go for black, although this time I chose white to have a little variety since my 360 is already black.

Forza trainer

Forza Trainer Recommendations

This shoe is ideal for

Switching to minimalism

Having a slightly thicker sole than other minimalist training shoes, it can be a good model for those who are new to minimalist footwear.

Feeling thicker in the sole

It's not a stiff shoe, so for those who find they need a little more sole than the 360, the Forza Trainer is the ideal solution for CrossFit WODs.

Weightlifting or strength sessions

Those who want a little more sole for these sessions, but do not want to switch to a fully rigid shoe such as a lifter or romaleos.

It will not be the best option for

Particularly wide feet

The Prio or 360 model will be more comfortable, as the Forza is somewhat narrower at the front.

If you do rope climbs often

The 360 is better able to withstand the friction of the rope.

If you are looking for the best price

In this case, there are other minimalist models with a slightly lower price, such as the 360 or the Prio.