XERO Mesa Trail

Are you looking for a mountain running shoe that allows you total freedom of movement? terrain awareness? space for all toes? a lightweight shoe?

Well, all that and more is provided by the Xero Mesa Trail that we are going to analyze in this post.

Technical characteristics of the XERO Trail Table

Protective reinforcement at the tip

This extra material protects the foot and helps to preserve the shoe designed for all types of terrain.

XERO Mesa Trail

Breathable material with extra stability

The mesh that makes up the upper part of the shoe has small holes to ensure good breathability

minimalist trail running shoes

In addition, run through different reinforcements in diagonal lines which function as a small skeleton for the shoe and provide greater stability.

Inner sole

The 2 mm internal insole can be extracted for those looking for an experience even closer to the ground.

By removing the insole, the finishes remain excellent, you will not be bothered by any poorly finished stitching.


As a minimalist shoe, the front part of the front has enough space so as not to crowd the toes.

XERO Trail run

Outer sole

From 5 mm, fully flexible and with small studs (3.5mm) that protrude to help provide better grip on uneven terrain.


The shoe has 0 drop, i.e. the heel and toe are at exactly the same level, in order to promote balance and natural movement.


I advise you to order half a number MORE than the one you are used to using because you are going to need it.

Transition to minimalist trail shoes

Even if you already use minimalist shoes for training in the gym, I advise you not to go from 0 to 100 with a running shoe of this style.

My transition to respectful footwear was easy overall, but where I found I needed more time to adapt was in running.

We are used to the cushioning of traditional shoes, the drop and cushioning. To go from all this to going practically barefoot in a minimalist shoe, there is a world of difference.


These shoes can be found on their official website for 140€. Economical price compared to other minimalist brands.

Xero Mesa Trail Women

trail shoe xero

Xero Trail Table Man

xero trail table

Or if you compare with other traditional shoes that need to be renewed more constantly due to sole wear or cushioning compression.

Considering that minimalist shoes do not have these elements, the Xero shoes have a longer service lifeIn fact, they are designed to last 5,000 miles (8,000 km).

It is estimated that you can use them for 10 times longer than a traditional sneaker.

If you do the math, the sneaker becomes a much more economical option than the traditional ones, even if you don't wait that long to renew it.