Weightlifting shoes

These shoes are specially designed for purely weightlifting training (weightlifting, powerlifting and weightlifting).snatch PR or clean and jerk) or strength (squats, bench presses...).

- Keypoints compared to a CrossFit shoe:

  • Greater stability due to the absence of cushioning
  • Assists athletes with poor ankle mobility due to extra heel height
  • Feeling of control and security by feeling more surface of the foot on the ground.

You should keep in mind that since it is designed to be the best for this type of training specifically it is at the same time incompatible with training such as running or jumping.

The only exercise that is not weightlifting, but in which you will be the shoes are useful for pistol squats.. Thanks to the extra height, it is a small advantage that especially those with poor ankle mobility benefit from.

When you want to buy it you will realize that it is a shoe a little more expensive than the rest, but in its defense I have to say that are an investment.

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It is a shoe that suffers almost no wear, it is not like a metcon/nanos/hover and most likely once you buy it you will have a shoe for life..

And although they all follow a similar line there are a variety of brands and models that offer different heel heights, strap systems, designs and prices. In this post we are going to help you find the best weightlifting shoe to suit your needs.

Is a weightlifting shoe worth it?

When you start CrossFit you don't need to have everything.

We have seen Games athletes compete in weightlifting events with Nanos and win the event. A weightlifting shoe is not a must, but it can be useful in some cases.

The most important thing is that you have a shoe for the WODs.as well as I explain here.

Over time and if you like to devote extra time to weightlifting, you will find that training with a specific shoe will offer you more comfort and safety.

The price of this is high, so you should think about how much you are going to use them.. In contrast, this shoe no wear and tear so your investment will last for years to come.

You will probably end up changing the shoe sooner because of a fashion issue than because the shoe needs to be renewed.

Nike Models

Nike Savaleos

It is the first model of this Nike collection launched in 2021 and fills the gap between the Romaleos and the Metcon. We can say that it is a hybrid shoedesigned especially for those who instead of training only weightlifting, do CrossFit wods.

Nike Romaleos 4

The most recent model of Romaleos that is more reminiscent of the design of the Romaleos 2 that were so successful. Even after the appearance of a newer model (romaleos 3) many athletes were still looking for a place to buy the discontinued Romaleos 2.

Good news for those of you looking for that sturdy shoe. If you want a weightlifting-only shoe, these are the ones you're looking for.

Reebok Models

As with Nike, we have 2 options in Reebok. But here it is a little more difficult to make the assessment because both have been given the same name Legacy Lifter II although they are clearly two models, different in design and price.

In order for us to understand each other, we have put their major difference in parentheses, but do not look for them under that name, it is not the official one.

In Reebok I wear half a size less than in Nike. It's something that doesn't happen to me alone, I hope this helps you to find your size directly.

Reebok Lifter II (stiffer)

If we want to make the comparison, this design is the one you would choose for a training session. purely weightlifting. The sole is very rigid and would not be very comfortable on a wod.

Reebok Lifter II (less rigid)

Most notably, it's a hard-soled shoe. The toe is a little more flexible so you can walk, but the other half of the sole is stiff to give you all the stability you need in Olympic weightlifting. It is considered a hybrid weightlifting shoe.

Their price is much more attractive than that of any other sneaker of those we have seen.

If you are price sensitive and a beginner, this is the best shoe for you without a doubt.

Don't be afraid that you are "losing performance" you still have a lot to learn and believe me that the shoe will not magically make you lift 50 kg more.

It is a good way to introduce you to weightlifting shoes without making such a high outlay. Later on, if you are still enthusiastic about weightlifting and think you need to evolve, you can always buy another model.

XERO Forza Trainer

If you don't like the feeling of heavy feet or a compressed foot, I recommend you give the XERO Forza Trainer a try.

These shoes respect the natural shape of your foot, making them very comfortable.

We tend to put a lot of trust in our traditional weightlifting shoes for lifting, but it wouldn't be the first time we've seen spectacular lifts in other types of shoes.

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