CrossFit Athletes

The CrossFit Games is the highest competition to which an athlete can aspire. CrossFit ®. Fittesters are the visible face of the sport and the inspiration of many.

Nowadays an athlete does not qualify for the Games by chance. Reaching this level is a total dedication to the sport, training planning, diet, recovery, rest... all measured to the millimeter..

Athletes who manage to dedicate themselves professionally to Crossfit are a small percentage of the total. It is estimated that less than 1% are elite athletes.

Top international CrossFit athletes

Considering that CrossFit is an American sportIn the U.S., most of the athletes competing are from the United States. Although over the years the sport has spread to other countries and the representation of international athletes has been increasing.

U.S. athletes

Australian athletes

Canadian athletes

Brazilian athletes

Icelandic athletes

English athletes

Hungarian athletes

Norwegian athletes

Russian athletes

Swedish athletes

Top Spanish CrossFit athletes

Although CrossFit® is not a well-known sport in our country, in recent years it has experienced remarkable growth and we already have several athletes who have excelled in the European scene and have even competed in the Games.

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Top Latino CrossFit athletes

CrossFit® is growing rapidly in regions such as Central and South America.

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