Alexander Anasagasti

We first met Alexander in 2018, when he broke into the leaderboard of the CrossFit athletes ®, Spain's most in-form, being no more and no less than the tenth in the Southern Europe region and first in Spain. Ahead of other names that we already had located on the national scene such as Samuel Gallego, Rubén Insua...

Biography of Anasagasti

Date of birthOctober 16, 1991
Height: 1'74cm
Weight: 74 Kg
ResidenceBasque Country
Box: CrossFit Zurriola
Instagram: mr_weak7

Before discovering CrossFit, the athlete had competed for 8 years in kick-boxing and boxing.. He tried several sports modalities, but none of them got him hooked, until he tried CrossFit.

He combines his training with his work as a coach giving classes at CrossFit Zurriola and Urquijo. He is also one of the owners of the training platform TRAINING CULTURE.


Semifinals in Berlin

He finished the competition 39th. Leaving moments like the touch & go in the legless rope climbs.

alexander anasagasti semifinals crossfit

Open and Quarterfinals

He overcame the Open and Quarterfinals and earned a place to compete in the Berlin Semifinals.

He was 99th in Spain in the Open and 37th in the Quarterfinals in Europe.


CrossFit Games

In the interview embedded below, Alex was very optimistic, believing in the team's chances to be in the TOP 5.

However, the team did not pass the 20-team cutoff on the last day and finished 27th.

This would be the second time that Anasagasti participated in the Games, having previously participated as an individual (2019).

Semifinals at Lowlands

They achieve a second position that grants them an invitation to the CrossFit Games 2022.


Participate with the CrossFit Zarautz Training Culture team and achieve a second place in Europe. They will participate in Lowlands Throwdown.

Despite announcing his team participation, Alexander decided to test the individual Quarterfinal and placed 25th in Europe. He later declined his individual invitation to participate as a team.


He finished 9th in Spain.


Participate with Pablo Cazalis and Aniol Ekai with the Training Culture team at the Wodapalooza 2022 and achieves a 7th position.

They managed to take second place in The Bayside Chipper wod where a risky strategy worked out well and they pulled off the upset.

training culture miami


Win the Madrid CrossFit Challenger with the Training Culture CFZ team.. His teammates would be the Swedish Hanna Karlson, the Dutch Nienke van Overveld and Pablo Cazalis.

Qualifies for Wodapalooza 2022 in team along with Aniol Ekai and Pablo Cazalis.

Team Quarterfinals with CrossFit Zurriola Training Culture

Alex qualifies as an individual through the Open to the Quarterfinals, but chooses the CrossFit Zurriola Training Culture team to participate.

Together with the 3 other members, Oihana MoyaIone Tainta and Pablo Cazalisbecome the revelation team of the year, remaining first in Europe and 4th in the world.

Finally, Oihana Moya decided to go for individual and we had no team in the Semifinals despite the fact that they had managed to qualify.

Alexander Anasagasti at the CrossFit Games 2019

The Basque athlete was able to pass the first cut of the first event of the Games, but was not able to be among the top 50 to pass the second cut, being in 57th position.

In that second event of the day, Anasagasti saw his continuity in the Games slip away as he failed in the hand stand walk. You can see how he did in the video we shot at Games 2019.

Visa problems and solution

After so much work to cope in the best possible way with the hip injury, combining rehabilitation with training, the 5 weeks of the Open and receiving the invitation to participate in the 2019 CrossFit Games, Alexander shared in his social networks that with only 6 days to go before his flight to Chicago, he still had not solved his visa problems..

Something that should have been a purely administrative process, such as applying online for your ESTA permit to enter the US, turned into a nightmare for the fittest in Spain. Alexander was waiting for someone with authority in this area to review his case to approve the ESTA that had been denied without explanation.

Thanks to the great media coverage the athlete received when he shared his case, Alex gets a second interview that finally grants him the visa. He misses his initial flight, but travels to Madison the next day and we get to have Alexander in the CrossFit Games 2019.

Alexander Anasagasti, Spain's fittest athlete of 2019

Although with the injury it was not easy to imagine Anasagasti at the top of the standings, it was clear to the Basque that the fittest title had to be his for the second time.

In addition, Anasagasti would be the first Spanish individual to compete at this level, since previously, there had only been Spanish representation in other categories (team, masters or teens).

Here you can learn more about the Basque athlete in his day-to-day life with this documentary by Road to Games.

Participate in the Madrid Regionals 2018

In the last edition of the Regionals (when we still didn't know there would be no more) Alexander had to withdraw due to medical problems.

He was carrying a hip problem that he could not recover in time for the competition. In the middle of the pistol event the athlete felt a hip failure and had to leave the track to the cheers of all of us who were there.

Winner of the Open in Spain 2018 and 2019

It was then that we first spoke to Alexander Anasagasti to find out first-hand where the new "fittest" fittest man in Spain had been all this time?

Alexander's sports results

YearGamesRegionals / CompetitionsOpen Spain
201957ºNational Champion Spain
201838th (Meridian Regional)

Anasagasti's trademarks

Back Squat180 Kg
Clean136 Kg
Clean & Jerk135 Kg
Snatch110 Kg
Deadlift220 Kg

More curiosities of the Basque athlete 

All of us who know the Basque athlete agree that he does not lack a sense of humor. He always uses his social networks to share his favorite memes and make jokes.

Hip injury

Anasagasti suffers a trochanteric bursitisan inflammation in the structures covering the greater trochanter.

injury alexander anasagasti

We were able to talk to him again, he told us that he has reached a point where he can see that his recovery from the hip injury is giving good results. So much so that the athlete is confident, wants to be again the Fittest in Spain in the next CrossFit Open and thus secure his place at the Games..

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