Amanda Barnhart

Amanda Barnhart was one of the athletes who had won 1 event in all of her CrossFit Games appearances, however, this streak was broken in 2023 with one of her worst performances in recent years.

Age: 32
Height: 1'70 / 5ft 7in
Place of birth: Ohio
Weight: 73 kg / 160 lb
Instagram: @amandajbarnhart
AffiliateCrossFit High Gear
Trainer: HWPO
Region: North America East
Weakness: Conditioning
Occupation: Physiotherapist


CrossFit Games 2023

In a post on instagram, the athlete confesses that she and her husband adopted a 4-year-old boy 4-5 weeks before the participation to the CrossFit Games.

Their life changed completely and they had to sacrifice many things that affected their training rhythm.

amanda barnhart games 2023

He entered the top competition with hopes of doing well and performing to the best of his abilities. However, his resilience was not good enough and his performance suffered.

He missed the final cut and finished 24th.

North America East Semifinal

He finished in 3rd place to qualify for the Games.


He leaves CompTrain and joins Mat Fraser's programming, HWPO.

hwpo amanda barnhart

CrossFit Games 2022

Finishes the Games in 14th position

barnhart crossfit games 2022

Semifinal Granite Games

Finished 2nd and qualified for Games 2022


ROGUE Invitational

Finishes in 10th position.

CrossFit Games 2021

She finished 9th.

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge

Finished in 4th position and qualified for the Games 2021

Moves to Boston

In a video on her Youtube channel, Amanda explains that she is moving to Boston so she can train with athletes at her level. The athlete was already following CompTrain's programming but from a distance.

comptrain amanda barnhart
Samuel Kwant, Amanda Barnhart, Katrin Davidsdottir and Chandler Smith


He did not make it into the 5 entrants to the CrossFit Games held at Dave Castro's Ranch.


CrossFit Games

She was one of the two athletes who, along with Tia Clair Toomey, reached the end of the 1 rep max clean event. Finally it would be Tia Clair Toomey who would take the victory with a lift of 265 lbs, against the 260 lbs of the American.

amanda barnhart crossfit games 2019

This year was Barnhart's last as a physical therapist at the gym. From then on, he dedicated 100% to his professional athlete side of the business.

Despite his retirement as a physical therapist, Barnhart renews his license every year.


She graduated and was told by her coach that she could not work full time and compete against the top athletes.

It was then that he decided to work part-time and take training more seriously.

That year he qualified for the CrossFit Games for the first time.


He combined training with physiotherapy studies and admits that he couldn't quite give 100% in either.

He participated in regionals as an individual athlete but finished in 25th place.

I didn't want to be in the first heat, I wanted to be one of the top athletes, the ones competing in the last heat.


That year he participated with a team in regionals.

He did not enjoy the team experience and his coach urged him to try out as an individual athlete.


She left the competitive side and participated in CrossFit classes as a normal user. She was very busy with physical therapy studies.


He participated in the open with the intention of helping a team qualify.

She was not able to do a muscle up but was a strong athlete in moves like deadlift.

How did you learn about CrossFit?

As a child, she competed in several sports: ballet, gymnastics from the age of 6, swimming, volleyball...

amanda barnhart beginnings

After college, he thought, what do I do now?

That's when he learned about CrossFit on social media. When he saw it he thought... I want to do this!

He loved the conditioning part of gymnastic exercises. And in general he liked the feeling of tiredness that he didn't get with any other sport he had played so far.

However, he was unaware of the competitive side of the sport. He did it because it felt good and kept him in shape.

It was then that someone invited her to a local competition and from there she began to take it more seriously. She started to participate in more competitions and joined a box where there was a group of competitors to prepare for regionals.

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