Ben Smith

Ben Smith is one of CrossFit athletes that has competed in the Games the most times in a row. No more and no less than this latest participation in the Games 2018 were his 10th trip.

It seems an easy feat to explain but not so easy to achieve since in practice he is the only one who has achieved this challenge. Considering that every year there is more competition, and more difficulties to reach the mecca of CrossFit, staying in this sport for a decade deserves to be recognized.

At the same time that Smith qualified at the last Regionals for her 10th Games, so did Becca Voight with the only difference being that Becca failed to qualify the previous year and her 10 Games appearances are not back-to-back but have a one-year jump, 2017.

He is the owner of CrossFit Krypton with more members. There he teaches classes and combines his training sessions, which are usually 2 to 3 per day.

Ben's philosophy is based on hard work and dedication, according to the athlete himself, with these premises it is possible to achieve what you want. He has also developed an online personalized training planning program, Ben Smith BluePrint. Where he teaches all the experience he has acquired over the years as a successful professional athlete.


Date of birth: 1990
Height: 1'80cm
Weight: 88 Kg
Residence: Cheasapeake, Virginia (United States).

The American athlete started with his first Games appearance in 2009 and has not missed a chance to qualify for the sport's top competition, the Games, since then.

Face as a coach

After his knee injury and the drop in performance, Smith is increasingly shifting his role to that of an athletic trainer.

Ben is currently a coach at Laura Horvathwho we have seen preparing for the CrossFit Games 2021 at CrossFit Krypton.

CrossFit sports results

Ben's best results have been: (the table is from another athlete)

2021-10th Mid atlantic206º

Winner CrossFit Games 2015

Ben reached the pinnacle of the CrossFit Games when in 2015 he emerged as the winner of the competition ahead of Mat Fraser. It was a very epic finish as Mat Fraser had a 2 point lead over Ben but Ben managed to dominate the event and rise to the top of the podium.

ben smith crossfit games

Ben's benchmarks

Movement / WODStats
Back Squat218 kg
Clean and Jerk152 kg
Snatch136 kg
Deadlift245 kg
Fight Gone Bad520
Max Pull-ups76
Filthy 5016:17
Sprint 400m0:58
Run 5k20:20

Ben's sports background

Ben was a baseball player as a teenager and it was precisely to improve in this discipline that CrossFit was recommended to him in 2008 and that is when he began his career in this sport.

The athlete himself explains that he was self-taught and practiced in the basement of his parents' house. He needed only one year to qualify for the Games in 2009, where he debuted as the youngest athlete at the age of 19.

All those hours in the basement were a reference for his younger brother Alec Smith who followed in his footsteps and is now a professional CrossFit competitor like him.

Brands that trust in the athlete

The American has the support of large multinationals that have chosen him as a representative of their brands. Smith is the image of Reebok, Rogue and MarcPro among others.

Ben Smith's wife

In the family environment, Ben is a person who likes to be with his family and his wife Noelle Smith.

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