Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson

Bjorkvin Karl Gudmundsson is a CrossFit athlete elite despite his youth.

Age: 29 (1993)
Height: 178 cm
Nationality: Icelandic
Weight: 84 kg
Instagram: @bk_gudmundsson
Affiliate: CrossFit Hegill
Programming: The Training plan


Before learning about CrossFit, Gudmundsson was involved in sports gymnastics and soccer. He currently trains at CrossFit Hengill in Hveragerdi, Iceland.

BKG Sports Results


He participates in teams of 3 in Wodapalooza 2023. His teammates are Khan Porter and Tola Morakinyo.

They finished in 6th position.

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9th in the CrossFit Games 2022.


4th at the CrossFit Games 2021

Wins the Lowlands Throwdown to qualify for the CrossFit Games 2021.

3rd in Games 2019

He managed to climb back onto the podium of the top competition with a 3rd place finish.

Winner of the Reykjavík Crossfit Championship

Biorn was the winner of the first edition of the sanctioned event in Iceland in 2019. He started by winning the first event of the competition which was super tough, the trail to mount Esja.

And from there he began to accumulate points and did not stop leading the competition, accumulating more and more points away from the rest of the competitors.

Spectacular comeback in Regionals 2018

Gudmundsson starred in the regionals from Berlin one of the most spectacular comebacks in history.

The athlete had a fatal first day due to knee discomfort that left him far behind, in 19th position of the 5 places that qualified for Games.

However, he made a spectacular rest of the competition and managed to sneak into 5th place, something that left everyone impressed.

Runner-up at the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2018.

In 2018 he returns to participate in the competition that he had won the previous year, however, this time he has the "bad luck" that Mat Fraser also participates.

Both star in a comical sceneWhen Mat lost the Buoy (the float they had to carry during the swim test), Gudmundsson picked it up and passed it to him, which Mat thanked his teammate for.

BK Gudmundsson

However, Mat "returns the favor" in the desert race event. We say "returns" because both athletes were finishing the race, when Mat, who was behind Bjorg, forces him to sprint unnecessarily at the finish line.

Winner of the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2017.

In 2017 we were able to see in first person how he climbed to the top of the podium of the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2017. This event is 4 intense days of competition and is recognized as the most similar competition to the Games.


His debut in the world of CrossFit in 2013, led him to 9th place at the European Regionals. It wasn't until the following year that he managed to qualify for the Games, where he placed 26th.

The Islander's best result at the Games was in 2015 where he came in 3rd place. In 2019 he managed to repeat again a 3rd place.

He was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 by his brother who is a police officer in Reykjavik and they used that training method.

One of his first wods was the Open 12.1 which was 7 minutes of burpees.

Bjorg's Curiosities

The athlete currently represents a couple of well-known brands in the sport. The clothing brand Virus and the Spanish brand of sports shoes. Picsil.

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