Brenda Castro

Brenda Castro is a CrossFit athlete with the recognition for being the first Mexican to participate in the CrossFit Games.


Place of birth: Mazatlan, Sinaloa (Mexico)
Date of birth: 1987
Weight: 63 kg
Height: 165 cm
Train inCrossFit Tigran (Monterrey). In 2015 he formed a team in his box and managed to compete at Regionals.

He studied Political Science and Public Administration at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon. Profession that he left aside to turn completely to CrossFit.


In 2017, the Mexican athlete was a special guest at an Open announcement along with Brooke Wells. That year she failed to qualify for the Games. The Regionals structure still existed and Latinos competed in the same region as the Americans in the South.

It was in 2018The first time a regional for Latin America appeared, where only a male and female participant and a team could qualify for the Games. Brenda finished in first position and achieved her long-awaited participation in the CrossFit Games 2018. I had the opportunity to interview her at those Games:

And if there is one thing that stands out about the athlete, it is the love that all Mexicans feel for her. She is a very respected and acclaimed athlete in Latin America. With the affectionate name of "Brendita" she did not stop receiving support in the past CrossFit Games.

In 2019 and with the change in the rules to qualify for the Games, Brenda becomes the "best in class".Fittest in Mexico"(Mexico's strongest athlete) and gets an invitation to the CrossFit Games 2019.

Brenda Castro participates in Exatlón

Exatlon is an American reality-type physical fitness program. Brenda entered the reality show when it had already begun, replacing an injured contestant who had to leave the program. 

About Brendita

Becoming a CrossFitter in Mexico

The athlete explained in an interview with rsvponline that what she had found most difficult was to convince her family that CrossFit was not a dangerous sport and that it would not make her look manly. In society in general there are false stereotypes and this type of sport for some still believe it is for men. He assures that his physique is the result of his training and that at no time has he sought to look like that.

What a day in your life is like

Her best motto, "insist, persist, resist and never give up". The athlete starts training at 9 in the morning for 3 and a half hours. At 1:00 p.m. she starts her 2-hour swimming lessons. After a short break the athlete returns to the box to train from 17 to 20. It is then when the athlete returns home to prepare her meals for the next day, rest as much as possible to continue the next day with the same routine.

And the result of so much effort is to proclaim herself the fittest woman in Mexico.

Athlete Sponsorships

Brenda works with Reebok, Docaff, Compex... among other prestigious brands in the industry. 

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