Fabian Beneito

The rise of CrossFit in Spain cannot be disputed. Fabian is one of the young promises of this sport who comes strong and eager to alter the names of CrossFit athletes that we are used to see in the top of the Open rankings in Spain.

For the first time we saw his name in the first results of the 2019 Open, and since then the Valencian has only gotten better.


Date of birth: June 6, 1996
Height: 1.78 cm
Weight: 87.5 kg
Affiliated Box: CrossFit Alzira (Owner)
Instagram: fabi_beneito

Before focusing 100% on the sport, Fabian competed in motocross for years.

fabian beneito age
Fabian at CrossFit Alzira


Quarterfinals 2023

After three events, Beneito achieves the first place in Quarterfinals in Europe and 7th in the world.

Wodapalooza 2023

He becomes the only Spaniard to make it into the final.

His final result was 12th. The best result of a Spaniard in the elite individual category of this competition.


2022 Dubai Fitness Championship winner

Wins the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship not having the best start. He was 16th after the first day.

He won the Hang Clean Ladder event after tying with Reggie Fasa.

Fabian Beneito vs Reggie Fasa

On the final day, he won the first two events and was 2nd in the next. This catapulted him into a tie for first place with Brent Fikowski.

It all came down to the last moment of the last event, when Brent Fikowski received a norep just as he was crossing the finish line, which Fabi took advantage of to overtake him.

Brent Fikowski receives a no rep and Fabian Beneito overtakes him.

Dubai and Wodapalooza Qualifiers

Fabián Beneito is first, video review still pending, in the online qualifiers of Dubai CrossFit Championship 2022 and Wodapalooza 2023.

Madrid CrossFit Championship 2022

We have a new Training Culture team, although Mikel Izquierdo has informed us that it will only be for this competition. The members are Chloe Gauvin-David, Metty Greneron, Fabian Beneito and Pablo Cazalis.

Fabian Beneito is feeling very well and regaining his energy. He has done a good qualifying for the ROGUE, but the revisions have made him drop from 9th to 12th. He and TC, decided to do the Madrid as a team to take it easier and enjoy something he wanted to do for a long time, compete with his friend Pablo Cazalis.

They finished in 3rd position overall.

ROGUE Invitational 2022

Fabian Beneito has dropped to 36th place after the result of WOD 3 was invalidated for not having weighed one of the bars in the video.

Lowlands Throwdown 2022

Fabi Beneito came last in event 1 and his coach, Mikel Izquierdo, confirmed that it was muscle fatigue and not from having ripped his hands.

On the 9th rope climb, he was called no rep and Beneito wanted to try again without taking enough rest, causing him to fail again.

In total, Fabi made two repetitions that were invalid and took him to the bottom of the ranking.

Wodapalooza 2022

He finished 19th in his first participation as an individual in the highest category of this competition.

Fabi finished the first 2 days in 31st and 30th position, and the last day he got an 11th place in the first wod that almost allowed him to pass the cut to the final of that event. In the final wod he finished 14th and climbed up to the TOP20.


Fabián Beneito repeats in Dubai 2021

He received an invitation to the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2021 becoming the only Spaniard competing.

He finished in 17th place, the same as in 2019, with a bad taste in his mouth after missing a clean and jerk lift that would have meant a very good result for him.

Beneito shared a message with us at the end of the competition.

Personally, it has been the toughest competition I have ever faced, especially mentally.

I have had a "failure" that I paid quite dearly, in event 2 I decided to take a risk, because if it went well it would go very well, but in this case something happened to me that I am not used to, to fail, and it penalized me a lot.

I am lucky to have Sara with me because it took me several hours to recover from the feeling of sadness for having failed, for having failed me and all those who are on my side.

I understood too late that it can happen and in event 3 I went out very bad, very sad and not very mentally prepared, I gave absolutely everything, but the event was very hard.

Sara gave me a couple of slaps and told me it was my turn to be me, I tried, I did it, and I was close to the top 5 in event 4.

Saturday didn't go badly at all counting that I gave it all I could with a 10th in event 5 and a 12th in event 6a/b. The pace and level was lacking, why?

I will figure it out and fix it. I'm not going to beat myself up and allow myself not to fail once, I'm human.

In the final I gave it my all and I'm happy for that.

It has been a very hard and suffered weekend. But this time I beat my mind more than ever.

5th in the Madrid CrossFit Championship 2021

At this point, the on-site competitions begin to be resumed little by little. In this competition with the participation of international athletes, Fabian ended up in a 5th position.

Winner of the 2021 Open in Spain

In 2021, he wins the Open in the Spanish leaderboard. He also achieves an incredible first position worldwide in the 21.3.

Unfortunately, this result was reviewed and penalized for not extending the elbow enough in the thrusters. But in spite of this incident, the Valencian ends up being in a 8th position overall in Europe and the 31st in the overall leaderboard.

Later, he would finish in 6th position in the semifinals, just one place away from qualifying for the CrossFit Games 2021. He would have one last chance at the Last Chance Qualifier in which he participated, but failed to win.


In 2020 he travels to Miami but finally couldn't participate in Wodapalooza 2020 due to a back injury.

CrossFit Open 2020 Winner

After 5 weeks of Open, Fabian managed to place first and was going to be the representative of Spain in the CrossFit Games 2020.

For reasons beyond anyone's control, the world came to a standstill and despite having managed to qualify, National Champions were unable to compete at the Games 2020 which were held with only a top 5.

YouTube video

Fabian Beneito Open 20.2

During the CrossFit Open 2020, we went to CrossFit Alzira to record his first attempt of the 20.2.

In the video you can learn a little more about Beneito who we interviewed.

YouTube video


First Spaniard in Dubai

In 2019 he participates in the Dubai CrossFit Championship becoming the first Spaniard to qualify in the top category.

Highlight in event 3 in which Fabian does a clean and jerk PR with 161 Kg.

YouTube video

Second in the 2019 Open and the most international athlete.

He is one of the youngest athletes in the top of the Spanish CrossFit. After a second place in the Open 2019, the athlete had a season full of international competitions.

Wodapalooza6TH (RX)19º
Strength in Depth23º
Reikjavik CrossFit Champ16º
Lowlands Throwdown
Filthy 1509th Team
Dubai CrossFit Championship17º17º
Taronja Games

One of the moments he remembers with great fondness is the great snatch PR he achieved at the Reikjavik CrossFit Championship 2019. Here you can watch the interview about that moment.

YouTube video

Personal stats

Movement / WODStats
Back Squat200 Kg
Clean172 Kg
Clean & Jerk161 Kg
Snatch130 Kg
Deadlift260 Kg

Coach and physio

Training Culture

In February 2022, Fabian announces that he is leaving the training platform that has seen him grow from amateur to professional athlete.

Fabian moves to live in Zarautz, the Basque Country, where he will train at CrossFit Zarautz, owned by CrossFit athlete Pablo Cazalis.

His first choice was C23 CrossFit with John Singleton and The Progrm team. However, his friendship with Pablo Cazalis made him decide to go to Training Culture.

Smart Program

Fabian trained under the supervision of Javier Peris, coach and owner of Smart Program.

He maintains a very close relationship with other athletes in this same program with whom he teams up depending on the competitions: CrossFit 4 friends made up of Elena Carratalá, Damián Martínez and Sara Valera.

He always relies on his physio Victor Iborra , who used to travel with him to support and take care of his recovery and physical preparation throughout the competition.