Guilherme Malheiros

Known by "Gui", Guilherme Malheiros is a Brazilian CrossFit athlete who achieved more notoriety in 2021 after winning the snatch event at the CrossFit Games.

Age: 22, (2000)
Height: 177 cm
Nationality: Brazilian
Place of birth: Macaé, Rio de Janeiro
Weight: 90 kg
Instagram: @guimalheiros162
Affiliate: Cavaleiros CrossFit
Programming: Mayhem Athlete

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Gui Malheiros stats

Snatch140 Kg
Back Squat232 Kg
Clean188 kg
Clean & Jerk179 Kg
Deadlift225 Kg
OHS171 Kg
Bench Press144 Kg
400m sprint1:08
Pull-ups 1min50


Wodapalooza 2023

Improve your Clean & Jerk PR by 2 kg.



Although he had confirmed his participation, in the end he was unable to participate due to visa problems.

CrossFit Games 2022

He worsens his 2021 result and finishes 10th overall. Fails to meet the expectations that the community had placed in him.

South Cup 2022

He earns his ticket to the CrossFit Games by winning the Semifinal in front of his home fans.

He won the Barbell Complex event overall, with a 162kg deadlift, beating the previous result set by Anthony Davis by 1kg.


Again, he decides not to compete in order to be in top physical shape for the Games.



Despite being invited, the Brazilian decided not to participate in order to recover.

He said that he was receiving treatment to reduce the inflammation and although he does not specify the area, he had previously been injured in his back.

Rogue Invitational

Participated in ROGUE Invitational where he proved again that he is an athlete to be reckoned with in the coming years. His final result was 5th.

He won the Bella Complex event (1 clean, 1 s2o, 1 front squat and 1 s2o) with a weight of 166.5 kg without having to use the third available attempt.

The Brazilian achieved his second victory in the last elimination event combining heavy double jumps, snatch PR and to put a sandbag on a pallet.

malheiros rogue invitational

CrossFit Games 2021

Malheiros achieved his best Open to date after finishing in 84th overall in the world. His best result was 7th in 21.4raising 155 kg in the complex.

He then finished 4th in the South American Quarterfinals and made it to the Games by finishing second in the online Semifinal in Brazil.

Already in the Games of 2021won the event 3, a sprint that gave him his first victory at a Games event.

gui malheiros sprint games 2021

As a curious fact, Reebok offered an economic prize to the athletes who won an event wearing their shoes. At the end of the event Vellner congratulated him on his victory and joked about the shoes, as the Brazilian had forgotten to wear the sneakers that would have awarded him the $10000.

He won an event again, event #7 and placed 8th overall at the end of the second day of competition.

The third day featured a show under the coliseum lights in the 1-rep max snatch event.

The Brazilian left the audience speechless with every lift. An admirable technique that made it look easy what for most is very complicated. When Royce Dunne missed his lift, it was Gui's chance to win his third event.

Malheiros had no problem lifting 138 kg and got his third event win.

gui malheiros snatch games 2021

"In 2019, when I was eliminated, I was in the Coliseum watching the Clean event and I remember Mat Fraser raising the last bar. In this year I imagined myself living that moment."

He was asked if he could have lifted more and he assured that 140 and 143 would have been no problem, and 145 or 147 would have been possible with that crowd screaming.

Malheiros finished 7th overall and was awarded with the prize The Most Improved .

YouTube video

Following the Games, he announced that he was joining the Mayhem Athlete's programming, owned by Rich Froning.

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Malheiros once again became Fittest in Brazil 2020 and traveled to Miami to train with Noah Ohlsen to prepare for Wodapalooza.

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Participated and won in the RX categorygiving him confidence going into the CrossFit Games. However, that year the National Champions were not invited and he was left out of the competition.

The pandemic affected Malheiros in a negative way. The athlete explains that ending the 2020 season so early and the worldwide medical situation caused him to lose his desire to compete.

However, Gustavo Pusch, 15 years oldjoined his training at Cavaleiros CrossFit in Macaé, Malheiros' place of residence.

gustavo pusch guilherme malheiros
Pusch and Malheiros

I saw in him something I used to have Malheiros said. I needed to get back to enjoying training and preparing for the qualifiers. I lost that and with him around, I was reminded of those feelings. In 2019 and 2020, CrossFit became my job. The training, the competitions, everything became serious and I didn't enjoy the moments or the opportunities that came along..

Pusch, helped Malheiros regain his enthusiasm for training and competing in 2021.


At the age of 19, participates for the first time in the highest category of the CrossFit Games. He earnt his Games pass in the Open by once again being the National Champion of Brazil.

Gui, who was the youngest athlete in the category, passed the first cut being 26th. He suffered more in the second cut where he finished 57th and was eliminated in the "Ruck" event.

His final result was 48th in his rookie year and was left wanting to show more of his potential.


At 18 years old, he finished the 2018 Open in 1014th position and became the Fittest in Brazil. However, he was unable to participate in Regionals due to a back injury.


Participated for first time at the Games in the 16-17 teen division , and finished second behind Angelo Dicicco.

gui malheiros games teen 2017

In the first event of the competition, Malheiros, only 17 years old, achieved a snatch with 132 kg, tying with Mathew Fraser, who lifted the same weight in the Elite individual event.

That lift would be a glimpse of what was to come.

CrossFit Beginnings

Malheiros started practicing CrossFit when he was just 10 years old.

guilherme malheiros age

The Brazilian's intention was to gain explosiveness to improve the sport he had been practicing until then, basketball. However, it didn't take him long to realize that his true talent was in the gym.

gui malheiros before crossfit

He won several competitions at the local level and participated for the first time in the Open at the age of 16, placing 45th in the world in his division and second in Brazil.