Jacqueline Dahlstrom

Jacqueline Dahlstrom is a professional CrossFit athlete. She previously studied science engineering and worked as a mathematics teacher.

Date of birth: 1991
Height: 1.67 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Place of birth: Fredrikstad, Norway
Residence: Majorca
Instagram: @jacdah
ProgrammingHWPO with coach from The Progrm

jacqueline dahlstrom Norwegian crossfit athlete


Change to HWPO

Since Madrid, Jacqueline has been in contact with Jake, from HWPO, who has managed her programming. John continues to coach her in competitions. The athlete explains in a vlog that the intention is to "try something different".

jacqueline dahlstrom hwpo crossfit

Dubai Fitness Championship

She finishes 14th and on Instagram explains that her body has not responded as expected and has fallen ill post-competition. Something that causes her relief assuring that 2024 will be a good year for her.

jacqueline dahlstrom dubai crossfit 2023

Madrid CrossFit Championship 2023

He finishes in 7th position. In an Instagram post he assures that there is no problem with his fitness, but that he needs to regain confidence in his abilities.

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Semifinal in Berlin

Her best event was the 7th, in which she was 5th. For the rest, quite discrete results from what we are used to.

He missed out on the invitation by only one position and did not receive an invitation to the CrossFit Games 2023 by only 15 points.


26th worldwide, 8th in Europe and 1st in Norway.


ROGUE Invitational 2022

He returns to participate in the ROGUE but does not find his best version. Finished 17th out of 20 athletes.

CrossFit Games 2022

Her final result was 15th. The highlight of his participation was an incredible second place in the sanbag event. clean where he managed to lift 1.7 times his body weight (240lb/ 109kg).

Strength in Depth 2022

Won the Semifinal in England that earned him a place in the CrossFit Games.


ROGUE Invitational

The athlete gets the invitation to participate in this competition thanks to her good result in the past Games 2021 (17º).

On the other hand, in this competition the athlete finishes in the last position of the table. After the result, the athlete shares her reflection on the weekend in her social media. Jacqueline recognizes that she was not well-prepared for a competition where the strength component is so important, but announces that it would not happen again.


Winner of the Taronja Games

She won the Taronja Games 2020 where she did not leave the first position after the second event.

Decides not to participate in the Open 2019 as she has not recovered 100%. She does compete in the Norwegian CrossFit Championship despite not feeling recovered, and manages to finish 4th.

dahlstrom crossfit sanctionals
Jacq Dahlstrom on the Norwegian


CrossFit Games 2019

Participates injured at the CrossFit Gamesdue to overexertion during a wod of the French Throwdown in which it was necessary to make 10 sets of sumo deadlift high pulls. The result was a nerve impingement in the lower back.

She made it through the first day of competition, however, she did not make the cut in the backpack race as he was still in pain from the injury.

Won 2 sanctionals in 2019

In 2019, becomes one of the athletes who manages to win the most official competitions (Reykjavik CrossFit Championship and French Throwdown). In addition, she placed in the TOP20 of the Open and qualified for the first time for the CrossFit Games.


In 2018, she came very close to qualifying for the Games by placing 6th at Regionals. (only 4 qualified). Two weeks later she won the French Throwdown and in the same year the Spanish and the Torian. They decided to participate in more competitions to gain more experience and then she moved to Mallorca.

crossfit athlete jacqueline dahlstrom

John Singleton also becomes Jacqueline's romantic partner.


In 2017 meets Singleton in person and designed a more specific programming for her objectives. In that year she finished 8th at Regionals.


In 2016 she participated for the first time in Regionals and would do so every year thereafter. That year she started The Progrm programming with John Singleton.


Jacq spent time improving her skills and perfecting each movement, her goal was to be able to perform all exercises and in the Open 2015 she managed to be 3rd in Norway (54th in Europe). These results made her decide to take it more seriously and start a specific program to be able to go to Regionals.


At the beginning of 2014 she left CrossFit because of the pressure to compete.

After 6 months training at the gym, Jacqueline started to feel bored with that kind of training and that's when resumed CrossFit classes in September 2014..


It was in 2013 that she decided to try CrossFit without leaving fitness. In this transitional period Dahlstrom did cardio sessions in the box and strength in the traditional gym.

That same year, the owners of the box recommended her to take the Open even though she did not know how to do the double unders, and some weightlifting exercises, but she was able to do several exercises in a strict way such as toes to bar or pull ups.

Competition results

YearGamesRegionals / CompetitionsWorld Open
202117ª20th ROGUE invitational14ª
20204th Norwegian CrossFit23ª
201945ªTOP 20 World, 1st in French Throwdown and Reykjavik CrossFit22ª
2018Torian ProEuropean Showdown, Spanish Throwdown and French Throwdown. 6th (Meridian) 73ª
20172nd Torian Pro, 8th (Meridian Regional)38ª
201621st (Meridian Regional)178ª

Marks with bar

Back Squat135 Kg
Clean106 Kg
Clean & Jerk105 Kg
Snatch83 Kg
Deadlift150 Kg
5k run20 min

Jacq Dahlstrom before CrossFit

The top athletes from the Semifinals will be invited to compete at the 10 years old, she started horse riding, she tried several sports such as swimming, handball, soccer and gymnastics,but failed to fit into any of them.

The top athletes from the Semifinals will be invited to compete at the 16 years old, she quit horse-riding and started in the world of fitness and running.. She competed in Fitness in 2012 and 2013 nationally placing 2nd and 3rd. After this period she felt she wanted to improve physically, feel stronger and increase her capabilities.

before and after jacqueline dahlstrom
Jacqueline Dahlstrom with 58 kg
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