James Newbury

There are many CrossFit athletes we want to know in more detail, but on the Australian stage we can't skip James Newbury.


Date and place of birth: 1991, Australia
Height: 1.77 m
Weight: 87 Kg
Instagram: jamesnewbury

Lives in Adelaide where he develops his coaching skills and is the owner of CrossFit Mode.

Before dedicating himself to CrossFit, his sporting career revolved around the Rugbya very popular sport in Australia. It was precisely in his quest to improve his performance as a rugby athlete that he came across CrossFit.

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The Australian athlete had been fighting for years for a place in the Games. He spent 4 years participating in the Pacific and Australia Regionals and placing in the top 10, but it wasn't until 2016 that he earned his spot for the Games.

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This past 2019, it was the year with the Australian's best final result in the "Fittest on Earth" title fight.

YearGamesRegionals / CompetitionsOpenQuarterfinals
2021-Torian Pro10th Last Chance Qualifier725º15º
20193rd Fittest in Cape Town 1st Australian CrossFit Champ136º
201818º1st (Pacific)265º
201726º1st (Pacific)31º
201624º2nd (Pacific Regional)59º
2015-13th (Pacific Regional)259º
2014-4th (Australia)102º
2013-11th (Australia)110º
2012-9th (Australia)715º

Personal bests - benchmark statistics

Back Squat200 Kg
Clean & Jerk145 Kg
Snatch120 Kg
Deadlift242 Kg
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Newbury training and recovery

When an athlete fights to get to the top of the sport, everything counts to help improve just one 1%, and that can be the difference between you and the rest of the competitors," says the Australian.


For the Australian, this aspect is fundamental for a good recovery. Enough hours of uninterrupted sleep at night to complete the process necessary to repair the nervous system, muscles and general wear and tear. It is the only way to be able to become a slightly stronger athlete.


Although the Australian does not give a title to the diet he follows, we can say that its approach is aligned with that of the paleo diet. Real food, maximizing food quality, using natural sources, preferably organic.

Stretching and massage

The athlete explains that every day he works on his muscle tone with self-massage, which helps him stay well between sessions with the physiotherapist.

In addition, the athlete uses Romwod also on a daily basis to disconnect and relax the muscles.


It is not uncommon to see through the athlete's instagram account, that he uses sauna and infrared.

James Newbury Sponsorships

International companies betting on the athlete are the sports brand Under Armour and Romwod. It also has other types of collaborations with local companies.

James Curiosities

The athlete recognizes the effort that everyone around him puts in so that he can focus on his training. Both his girlfriend Kayla, as well as his father who is also the box manager. He also has the daily support of his coach, Michelle LetendreAlthough they work at a distance (Canada - Australia), they have daily contact with each other.

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