Kara (Webb) Saunders

The Australian who has competed the most times in the Games. The CrossFit athlete is better known as Kara Webb, she recently married her partner Matty Saunders and changed her last name.

Biography of Kara Webb

AgeOctober 26, 1989
Residence: Australia
Weight: 72kg
Height: 162cm


Second pregnancy

After announcing that she is not participating in the Open, Kara finally announced that the reason is that she is pregnant with her second child.

The athlete dedicated an entire video on Youtube to explain her situation. Her pregnancy was classified as high risk for several medical reasons, so the athlete has had to take extra precautions to progress properly.

Her mentality now is that while she is pregnant she doesn't have to be a professional athlete.


Kara competes on the first day at Games 2021, but confesses that she had had cov19 and was dragging malaise. She tested negative when she arrived at the competition, however, she was unable to continue and dropped out on the second day.

Wins the Torian PRO, a face-to-face semi-final held in Australia. Get your ticket to CrossFit Games 2021.

In 2020, he participated in the online phase of the CrossFit Games and came in 8th place.

In 2018 she announces that she will become a mother and in 2019 shortly after giving birth to her daughter, she is among the top 20 athletes in the world at the Open. She is also proclaimed the winner of the Australian CrossFit Championship 2020.

Kara has been competing in the Games since 2012 consecutively and without missing any year. Her best position was the podium she achieved last year 2017, coming in second place and only two points away from stepping on the top.

We were able to see her compete at the Dubai Fitness Championship in 2017 where she placed third despite being in her off season, out of competition season.

YouTube video

According to the athlete, she was very involved in sports from a very young age. She discovered swimming and grew up with it. Every day before going to school she would go swimming, come home for breakfast and go to school. In the afternoon she would repeat the session.

Undoubtedly, that perseverance in sport, commitment and demand since she was a child have accompanied her throughout her life and have helped her to become the athlete we know today.

Kara Saunders at CrossFit

YearGamesRegionals / CompetitionsOpen
202136ª1st Torian Pro
20201st Australian CrossFit Championship12ª
20182nd (Pacific)
20171st (Pacific)11ª
20161st (Pacific)
20155th1st (Pacific)
201431ª2nd (Pacific)72ª

About Kara

During the 2018 Games preparation season, she hasn't stopped thinking about the two points. She explains that she has been very focused on becoming a better athlete and feels more prepared than ever to be the Fittest on Earth.

The athlete made a major change in the way she approached her preparation after the 2015 Games.where he lost consciousness during one of the events that took place under the exhausting sun in California. It was a Murph and they had to complete it with the weighted vest 5.11. Kara made it to the finish line but had to receive medical assistance after suffering from heatstroke.

kara saunders crossfit

In 2016, the Games athletes faced the same wod again. This time the athlete finished in perfect condition and it was a sign that something had changed in the athlete. She was awarded one of the prizes given by the Games irrespective of the position in which the athletes finish the competition. Her award was for the spirit of the competition.

After the 2017 Games, Kara developed her own business - CrossFit Kova in Brisbane, Australia.

Feeding Kara Saunders

The athlete recognizes the importance of good nutrition for good performance. She is one of those who likes to control the weight of her meals, to such an extent that she carries a scale with her when she eats in a restaurant away from home.

It is clear to her that it is fundamental for her and that is why it is a priority for the athlete.

age kara webb

Kara Webb's Instagram

One of Kara's most famous post was the one in which the Australian defended herself from accusations of taking steroids. The athlete uploaded a photo of herself when she was young and addressed the haters saying with much irony that "bad luck if my mother made me better" alluding to her athletic body since she was very young.

One of the characteristics that stands out the most in the aesthetics of the sportswoman is its great muscular development, especially in the lower part of the body. She herself recognizes this peculiarity and makes clarifications such as "don't judge me, I am all legs" referring to the fact that she has really big and muscular legs.

kara webb saunders girl