Kristin Holte

The Norwegian athlete has undoubtedly earned an entry in our section of CrossFit athletes for all the years of her career, and for the second position she achieved at the Games 2019.

Kristin's Biography

Date and place of birth: 1986, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.62 m
Weight: 59 Kg
Instagram: holtekristin
Box: CrossFit Oslo

She is a professional gymnast and endurance athlete, her profession is nutritionist. Kristine gave up athletics due to an injury in both tibias. She tried soccer, triathlon and skiing but they did not prove to be challenging sports for the athlete. It was then that , encouraged by her friends, she started CrossFit in 2012.

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Wodapalooza 2022

Her last competition was the woman teams of three at Wodapalooza. Formed together with compatriots Lena Richter and Ingrid Hodnemyr. Team Kriger, finished in first place.

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Dubai CrossFit Championship 2021

Her last individual dance was at the mythical Dubai competition, where she managed to finish in second place.

At the end, she received a tribute for her career.

last individual competition kristin holte

Announces retirement

The Norwegian athlete announces on her instagram account that she is retiring after 8 years of the competition.

In her last performance at the CrossFit Games 2021, she finished 35 points behind third place, held by Annie Thorisdottir.

Holte, retiring at 35, is one of the most consistent athletes of all time. Fittest in Norway from 2016-2020. Her best result at the Games was 2nd in 2019.

"I feel proud, I feel grateful, happy and heartbroken at the same time." declared the athlete on her Instagram account.

Holte sports results

The Norwegian's first Regional was in 2013 and despite not qualifying for the Games, the athlete placed 7th in the Europe Region, known as one of the most competitive.

From the following year, in 2014, the athlete has qualified every year for the Games.

This past 2019, it was the year with the best final result for Oslo athlete in their fight for the title of "Fittest on Earth".

YearCrossFit GamesRegionals / competitionsOpen
2022-1st Wodapalooza team
20211st German Throwdown
2nd Dubai CrossFit
2019National Champion Norway
4th Wodapalooza 2019
1st Asia CrossFit Champ
5th Rogue 2019
2nd Filthy150
20184th (Europe)15ª
20171st (Meridian)16ª
201612ª3rd (Meridian Regional)13ª
201517ª4th (Meridian Regional)21ª
201416ª3rd (Europe)31ª
2013-7th (Europe)235ª

Personal bests - benchmark statistics

Back Squat138 Kg
Clean102 Kg
Clean & Jerk102 Kg
Snatch79 Kg
Deadlift150 Kg
5k run19:30

It is typical to see Holte hand in hand in the Games together with Samantha Briggs to compete for the first places in the most typical endurance events.

Kristin Holte training and recovery

The Norwegian athlete follows a strict training schedule, exactly 5 days a week for 4/6 hours. Thursdays are active rest days in which the athlete incorporates a swimming session and Sundays are absolute rest.

The athlete is of the "more is not better, but better is better" school of thought. Kristin places great importance on training smart, listening to her body, sleeping and eating right.

Holte Programming

Kristin was an Invictus athlete, a program that has been recognized for years in the CrossFit world. In this program there are other top athletes like Lauren Fisher.

Kristin's Sponsorships

Holte has been the face of one of the brands most closely linked to CrossFit, Reebok, for years.

Presentation Nano 9 in Spain

At the end of September 2019, Kristin visited Spain for the Nano 9 launch, the Reebok's shoe designed for CrossFit. The cities chosen were Madrid and Barcelona, where she was joined by Spanish athletes Sara Alicia Fernandez and Alexander Anasagasti respectively.

nano 9 kristin holte
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Interview with Holte

Despite not being able to attend the events because I was on vacation, I was able to pass on three questions to the Reebok Spain team for Holte to answer:

  • Anabel: Now that enough time has passed to analyze the 2019 Games and since they were so different from what we were used to, Is there anything you would improve from your point of view as an athlete?
  • Kristin: Yes, there are many things I can and should improve. I am continually working to increase my strength in general, and improve my deadlift in particular. I also want to become more efficient with the barbell and gymnastic exercises.
  • Anabel: How are you preparing for this season? Will the Open be your primary means of qualifying for the Games or do you already have a sanctioned event on the agenda?
  • Kristin: I'm training really hard for the Open right now. My immediate goal is to qualify for the Games through the Open. I'm also going to participate in the first Sanctional of the year just two weeks after the Opens, the Filthy 150 in Dublin. After that I will take a short break before I start training for some Sanctionals in May and June and, if all goes well, for the Games.
  • Anabel: After finishing second, what is your goal for 2020?
  • Kristin: I want to improve as an athlete, I want to go into Games 2020 knowing that I have done everything I can to do my best.
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