Martin Cuervo

Martín Cuervo is a Spanish CrossFit athlete, second Fittest in Spain in 2023.

Age: 24 – 29/06/1999
Height: 1'76
Place of birth: Corvera de Asturias
Weight: 88 kg
Instagram: @martin_cuervo_
Affiliate: Brown Bears @brownbearsaturias
Trainer: Damian Benigno @porelbiencomun
Region: Europe
Studies: International Trade and Marketing
Weakness: Snatch heavy
Occupation: Athlete and coach

martin cuervo crossfit athlete



A bad result in the wod 2 of Quarterfinals prevents him from a good overall score to qualify for Semifinals.

martin cuervo results quarterfinals 2024


Dubai Fitness Championsship 2023

He missed the cut-off of 10 athletes on the last day and his final position was 19th.

Madrid CrossFit Championship

Finishes in 7th position.

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Thanks to his great result in Madrid, he received an invitation to participate in the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2023the most important competition I have ever attended.

Semifinals Berlin

He finished in 18th position in his first participation, being the second best classified Spaniard behind only Fabian Beneito.

Workout 1: 41st (26:01.83)
Workout 2: 12th (43 rep)
Workout 3: 14th (14:40.96)
Workout 4: 30th (255.0 lb)
Workout 5: 14th (03:15.64)
Workout 6: 19th (12:37.74)
Workout 7: 17th (04:35.05)

martin cuervo semifinals


He managed to finish 24th, winning one of the events at European level and 6th in the world, and qualified for the first time to the CrossFit Semifinals.


He recovers in time from an elbow injury and participates in the Open, dropping to 24th position in the Spanish ranking.


He suffered an elbow injury at the Madrid Challenger that would affect his preparation for the 2023 Open.

Madrid Championship

Finished 5th and went on to win 1 event.

French Throwdown

He was 22nd in his first participation.

End of the official CrossFIt season

This year he teamed up with Sara AliciaHelena Avendaño and Aniol Ekaiwhich would later be eliminated for not meeting the eligibility criteria.

team martin cuervo, aniol ekai, sara alicia and helena avendano

He finished there his season of CrossFit Games.


His first serious competition was the Taronja Games 2021. He finished in 5th position. That edition was won by Fabian Beneito.

martin cuervo taronja games

Finished 8th in the Spanish ranking of the Open 2021.


During her forties, she decided she wanted to start competing.

He participated in the Open and was 49th in Spain.


From a very young age, his parents convinced him to practice many sports. One of the first was athletics. He also tried soccer, tennis and basketball. However, the sport that hooked him the most was canoeing, which he practiced until he was 18 years old.

martin cuervo canoeing

At the age of 18, he quit canoeing and got to know CrossFit because his parents practiced it. They convinced him to try a class and he was hooked even though he admits he was one of those who criticized the sport.

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