Mathew Fraser

Or rather Mat as he prefers to be called. He is a CrossFit athlete. The fittest man on the planet has earned this title through hard work.


Date of birthJanuary 25, 1990
Height: 1'70cm
Weight: 86 Kg
ResidenceVermont, United States.

The American's parents are two well-known Olympic figure skating athletes. Fraser sport was very present throughout his life and weightlifting was the first sport in which he competed.. Unfortunately, in 2009 he suffered a back injury that made him look for other alternatives to rehabilitate himself and was when he learned about CrossFit.

Book by Mat Fraser

Once he no longer has to keep secrets about his workouts, he decides to share his advice in an autobiographical book.

Withdrawal from competitions

On February 2, 2021, he announces on his instagram that he will stop participating in CrossFit competitions.

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He recalls how he found CrossFit and unexpectedly met his best friends, wife, business partners and 5 gold medals.

He will continue to be part of the community but without competing. He will focus on raising a family and taking care of those close to him.

From podcast to podcast

He surprises us with a preseason quite far away from training and traveling a lot while taking the opportunity to appear in several recognized podcasts from which we extract some interesting quotes.

Controversy with Froning

At the beginning of 2021, it performs a podcast in which he explains his disagreements with Froning and that Froning had not spoken to him for 2.5 years..

Froning says there are always two sides to a story and denies many of those statements.

Finally they both post a photo on Instagram wanting to show that they have settled the issue.

Fraser sports results

In 2020 she swept, 168 points ahead of second place (Noah Ohlsen), in the online phase of the CrossFit Games 2020 winning 6 events and being 8th in her worst position in the event of rowing. We know that height plays a very important role in this type of test.

We all know Mat for his great achievements in the CrossFit Games.

YearCrossFit GamesCompetitionsOpen
20201º Strength in Depth
1st Rogue Invitational
20191st Dubai CrossFit
20181st Dubai CrossFit
1st (Central)
20171st (East)
20161st (East)
20151st (East)
20141st (North East)

The athlete himself explained that although a second place is a very good mark, the second consecutive year that he climbed on the same step of the podium he felt a lot of frustration. His reading is that after one year he had not managed to improve. It seems that this was the fire he needed to make a radical change of chip. Something that has translated into his results, leading him to the top of the podium. five consecutive years of winning the CrossFit Games.

In 2018, Mat stops training with Ben and moves to CrossFit Mayhem to train alongside. Tia Clair Toomey.

It was precisely since 2015 who decided to work with one of the most famous coaches in the sport, Ben Bergeron.

mat fraser winner games

Your personal marks

Squat223 Kg
Clean172 Kg
Clean & Jerk170 Kg
Snatch143 Kg
Deadlift243 Kg

The athlete explains that he seriously set out to become the winner of the Games. He changed his diet to a healthier diet. The athlete himself explained that in his opinion, he could eat whatever he wanted because that's why he trained for so many hours. But he realized that without proper nutrition their performance could not improve. Although he does not claim to be a follower of any particular diet, as he is the paleo diet so famous in the sport, acknowledges that it follows a very similar line.

He always comments on how lucky he is to have Sammy, his girlfriend, by his side, who loves to cook and always makes sure he has the best food ready for him. That is why "feeding the frasers"where Sammy shares his creations that the fittest on earth enjoys so much.

Fraser also changed his approach to training and focused on attacking all their weaknesses. Everything he wasn't good at was no longer an impediment to his claim to be the fittest man on the planet.

Not only has he been the winner of the past two editions of the Games, but he has done it with a difference in points that had never been seen before in the history of the sport. The commentators of the Games explained that it seemed as if the first place in the Games had already been awarded and that the rest of the athletes were fighting for second place.

Such a statement shows that the athlete is too good in all the skills required in this sport to make anyone think that he can win it. Something unthinkable in this sport where nothing is ever decided until the end.

Winner of the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2018.

In December 2018, Mat Fraser wins the Dubai CrossFit Championship with great authority, one of the most important competitions on the international scene and the first to be part of the new CrossFit Games scheme.


Rejects Reebok

Fraser explained that when he was about 23 years old he was invited to Reebok headquarters in the USA along with other athletes.

There he had a run-in with one of the employees. Mat recognized that he had afro hair, a beard... and that he looked like a hobo. The worker kicked him out of the gym because he wasn't wearing Reebok, Mat told him that he didn't know he had to wear Reebok and that he was wearing what O'Keefe had given him because he didn't have anything better. This worker asked him to stay outside until they came to pick them up, being very unpleasant with him. Fraser was offended with the treatment and told his manager. "Get the car we're getting out of here." 

In 2014, Fraser entered the Games with his hair cut and no beard, and placed 2nd. He was the only athlete inside the top10 who did not have a sportswear sponsorship. 

O'Keefe heard from Reebok again, they wanted to have dinner together. Mat accepted the proposal but when he got there he met again the same person with whom he had the bad experience at the Reebok gym but this time he was received in a different way: "Mat what a pleasure to meet you (with the change of look I didn't even know it was the same) what an illusion that you are part of the Rebook family". So, although Fraser recognized that he was in a financially delicate situation, he decided to behave in the same way: "O'Keefe Take the car we're getting out of here." 

Mat Fraser Curiosities

While for the first two years we saw Fraser on the podium he seemed a somewhat cocky and haughty person, Fraser himself has explained in several interviews that he made a radical change in 2015 that has brought to light another, more hidden side of Fraser until now.

What does HWPO mean?

The athlete has adopted as his own the slogan ".hard work pays off"or in its abbreviated form "hwpo", which means "hard work pays off". The message is clear, insists that his achievements are the result of hard work and effort.. Of total dedication to your goal. Of doing what he is not good at. Of continuing when perhaps you would prefer to rest....

One of the first statements he made when he won the 2017 Games was: "tomorrow starts my training plan to win the 2018 Games".

Although we know that this is figurative, since all athletes have to rest after 4 days of competition that has pushed their bodies to the limit, it is just another demonstration that for him everything revolves around getting that first place in the top competition.

Mat Fraser Tattoo

You've probably wondered at some point what it says on Mat's tattoo on his left arm.

mat fraser tattoos

The text comes from the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr whose Serenity Prayer he says:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

God, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to understand the difference.

Chest tattoo

Another quite striking tattoo is the one he got on his chest.

It is the skull of a bull made by the tattoo artist Antonio Macko.

The meaning of this design as expressed by the athlete is: "Thanks to all the bulls that bucked me off" which means "Thanks to all the bulls that bucked me off".

Ironically, he thanks all those who turned their backs on him in his day because thanks to that he has now become what he is.

Fraser is a lover of guns and coffee.

The athlete likes to disconnect from his workouts by firing his rifles, pistols and more weapons in your collection. Mat shares this hobby on his social networks.

Another quite different hobby is coffee. The athlete has studied to the millimeter how to prepare the best coffee, from the origin of the coffee, the machine, the best brewing process... He says he always starts his morning with a quadruple coffeeand often a double after lunch.

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