Noah Ohlsen

Noah Ohlsen is a American CrossFit athlete who first participated in a CrossFit competition when he was only 19 years old. He made his debut in CrossFit Games in 2014 at the age of 23 and in his rookie year he achieved an eighth place finish.


Date of birth: 1990
Height: 1'70cm
Weight: 86 Kg
ResidenceMiami, Florida. He trains in Peak 360 CrossFit .

Prior to learning about CrossFit, I had been water polo player.


Ear problems before the Open 2023

Noah Ohlsen explained on his Instagram that this past week he was doing push jerks and split jerks with about 140 kg, when upon finishing he noticed something weird in his right ear.

He stopped listening normally, as if he heard less. Over the next few days that sensation came and went. He had no other symptoms or pain.

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Until one day he woke up unable to hear anything in the same ear.

He has visited 3 specialists and after several tests they can't figure out what is wrong with him.

He received injections directly into his ear that could help him recover, but right now he is still in the same situation.

Despite this, he is positive about his recovery. In an important week, Ohlsen will participate in his last Open as an individual and will marry his partner.

Wodapalooza 2023

Participate in Wodapalooza together with last year's teammates. This time they finish in 3rd position.


Last season as an individual

Noah Ohlsen confirms on his YouTube channel that 2023 will be his last year of individual competition. If all goes well and he qualifies, it will coincide with his 10th consecutive year competing in CrossFit Games.

He would become the only athlete to achieve this feat.

The closest is Ben Smith who has also competed 10 times, but one of those was in 2009 when there was no qualification process.

He intends to compete in the team division with his friend Chandler Smith and form a team capable of winning the CrossFit Games.

Your next competition is Rogue Invitationalin which it did not participate in 2021.


Turns down invitation to the 2021 ROGUE Invitational, is focused on his physical change.

He shares a post on Instagram in which he explains his intention to lose a few pounds of muscle in order to increase his performance.

He finished 10th in the Games 2021, a far cry from what was expected of him.


Being the top favorite to make things difficult for Mat FraserIn the end, his performance was not what was expected and he failed to reach the Games 2020 podium.

He becomes one of the 5 athletes to qualify for the in-person edition at the Ranch.

Noah at the CrossFit Games 2019

Over the years, we have seen Mat Fraser dominate in the CrossFit Games. Since 2016, Fraser has only been increasing the point spread by which he consolidated fittest on earth.

This past 2019 and for the first time in the history of the Games, we saw an athlete other than Mat Fraser, wearing the leader's jersey in most of the events of the competition.

Noah Olsen was the athlete who made things difficult for the now 4 consecutive CrossFit Games champion, Mat Fraser.

Noah was proud of his second place, the best result he has ever finished the Games with, but declared that now more than ever he wanted to fight for the first place.

games 2019 noah ohlsen

Qualification to Games complicated

Despite this, it was not an easy year for Noah. Failed to qualify through the Open having made an incredible performance in 19.2 (31st), 19.3 (8th), 19.4 (3rd) and 19.5 (47th), however a 792nd position in 19.1 left him out of the world top 20.

Not having his place secured, we also saw him competing in the Italian CrossFit Showdown.

Finally, his qualification would come through the third position achieved in Wodapalooza 2019, as Patrick Vellner and Travis Mayer earned their spots through the Open.

wodapalooza noah ohlsen

Your personal marks

Squat201 Kg
Clean161 Kg
Clean & Jerk152 Kg
Snatch130 Kg
Deadlift229 Kg

Ohlsen sports results

YearGamesRegionals / CompetitionsOpenQuarterfinals
202110º2nd West Coast Classic
20193rd Wodapalooza 3rd Italian60º
20181st (Atlantic)25º
20171st (Atlantic)
201615º2nd (Atlantic Regional)
20151st (Atlantic Regional)16º
20141st (South East)20º
2013-7th (South East)56º
2012-24th (South East)188º

Its character

Noah Ohlsen stands out for being a very open and friendly person with anyone who approaches him. I have personally met him twice and he has always been very friendly.

While this is something that should be standard for all CrossFit athletes, believe me some are not and I have been disappointed.

However, during the CrossFit Games 2019 we could see something in him that, in my opinion, hurts his performance.

We saw him come out of the water in event 9, when he was leading the competition, gesturing for the photographers to immortalize the event.

I think it's a lack of focus and something you can do only when you're winning with a Mat Fraser-style margin of victory.

swimming noah ohlsen

Noah Olsen's physical change

We have been able to see the athlete since 2010 dedicated to this sport. At that time he was only 19 years old and that is why we have been able to see a great physical change in these years.

The American athlete has always promoted effort, hard work and perseverance.

He is known by the slogan "happy but hungry", which in Spanish would mean "contento pero con hambre".

So Olsen is always motivated to improve his version and go further in his sporting career.

noah ohlsen beginnings

When asked about the event he remembers most fondly he replied:

The muscle up biathlon in 2014 was spectacular for me because I was in the final heat and won it. The best part is that it was against big names in CrossFit like Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa and others that I had always looked up to.

when noah ohlsen started crossfit

Ohlsen, instagramer and youtuber

If you want to get to know the American athlete better, you can follow him not only at instagram where it is very popular, but also in your youtube channel.

Couple of Noah Ohlsen

Joann Leigh is Noah's girlfriend and we always see on social networks how she dedicates many photos to him as a token of love.

girlfriend noah ohlsen
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