Oihana Moya

Ohiana Moya is a Spanish CrossFit athlete who broke into competition in 2020.

Height: 165cm
Weight: 67 kg
Date of birth: 3.10.1995
Place of birth: Amurrio, Alava
Place of residence: Llodio, Alava
Affiliate: CrossFit Urquijo where she works as a coach.
Instagram: oihanamoy
Programming: Training Culture


Dubai Fitness Championship

With a 5th place overallfinished in the top 10 in 7 out of 8 events.

She was 5th in the Burj Khalifa Climb and was a highlight of her second place in the max Hang Clean event where she achieved a maximum lift with 120 kg.

Qualifies for Dubai Fitness Championship 2022 in 4th position and 11th in Wodapalooza 2023.

She is not participating in the Madrid CrossFit Championship to continue her recovery from her injury.

Last Chance Qualifier

She decided not to participate in the French Throwdown to save energy for the LCQ in which she ended up being 9th. Only the first spots 2 qualified.


Participates in the Lowlands Semifinal and finishes 8th, earns a spot for the Last Chance.

Wodapalooza 2022

Oihana managed to finish the second day of competition in the top 10.

After the third she would drop to 15th place after finishing 27th in the row, swim, run event with running and swimming being her biggest weaknesses. Despite this, she was satisfied with her result.

In that same event, she slipped coming out of the water and suffered a fractured wrist bone. Doctors advised her not to compete on the last day, and she finally chose to drop out and finished 24th overall.

She won the Madrid CrossFit Challenger 2021 where she led the competition from start to finish.

Qualified for Wodapalooza 2022 in first position of the online qualifier.



She failed to qualify for the CrossFit Games, but became the fittest woman in Spain.

She participated in the German throwdown and finished in 8th place. She earned a spot for the Last Chance Qualifier.

Team qualification for Semifinals

Ohiana decides to participate in the individual semifinals despite having qualified as a team with CrossFit Zurriola Training Culture.

A decision that the other members had discussed before participating in the Team Quarterfinals and which they had promised to respect.

First Spaniard in Quarterfinals 2021

YouTube video

In 2021 Oihana is the Spanish with the best results in the Quarterfinals, 1st in Spain - 27th in Europe. She qualifies, therefore, for the CrossFit Semifinals.

In the Open she was 8th in Spain and 132nd in Europe.

Quarterfinals1st Spain - 27th Europe.
CrossFit Open 20218th Spain - 132nd Europe.
Summer Battle
Box League
FCT Challenge2nd (pairs)
Compex Meridian2nd (teams)
Spanish Throwdown

Personal stats

Back Squat150 kg
Clean115 kg
Clean & Jerk105 kg
Snatch93 kg
Deadlift185 kg

CrossFit Beginnings

Oihana had always been closely linked to sports. From a young age she did Karate and it was at an unofficial gym that she first discovered CrossFit.

Once she dared to try it, she found that she liked it, and over time she began to take his training more seriously.

It wasn't until 2019 that she started training in a CrossFit box.