Samantha Briggs

Samantha Briggs, or Sam, as she prefers to be called, is one of the most popular veteran CrossFit athletes. Winner of the CrossFit Games in 2013.

Age: 40 (1982)
Height: 170 cm
Nationality: English
Weight: 61 kg
Instagram: bicepslikebriggs
Affiliate: CrossFit Cornerstone

sam briggs crossfit

Biography of Samantha Briggs

Briggs has a long sporting career in multiple sports. She was a soccer player in the Northern Premiership League in addition to competing in other sports modalities such as triathlons, duathlons, and rowing. The same year she became the fittest in the world, in 2013, she also won the English Olympic Lifting Championships in the 58kg category.

Once Sam discovered CrossFit, he became one of the athletes who made history by placing in the top 6 during his 10 Games appearances. 



I have received a last minute invitation to participate in the Semifinal of London, Strength in Depth.

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Briggs, finished the individual Quarterfinals in 67th position, just 7 positions short of the cut.

Athletes have had several days to accept or decline the invitation, and the Englishwoman was counting on the hopes of receiving one of the declined invitations.

In fact, Briggs, who is 40 years old, was already preparing for the Age Group Quarterfinals when he received the pleasant surprise.

Earlier this year he announced that 2022 would be his last season as a professional CrossFit athlete.


His 21st position after 10 events in the Games does not allow him to pass the cut to participate in the last 5 events.

She placed 6th in the Online German Throwdown Semifinal, however, the penalty for Emma Tall earned Briggs a place in the top 5 that qualifies for Games.

She is 4th in the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2021.


Winning what would be the first "Semifinal", the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2019 gives him the direct pass to the CrossFit Games.


In 2018, she is forced to change categories with elbow injury. She manages to recover to participate in the Master 35-39 category of the CrossFit Games. She finished second.


In 2017 she could compete as a masters, but resisted changing categories, and placed 9th in women's singles. 

In 2016, he returned to England and competed in his usual region and came close to the podium with a 4th place finish.

sam briggs crossfit
Regionals Madrid 2016

In 2015, Briggs was living in Miami, Florida and also had a year complicated by a foot injury.

Nevertheless, he managed to stay in the competition and place 4th in the Games. This year a weighted vest Murph was held in the sweltering heat of Los Angeles.

It didn't seem to be a problem for Briggs who came in first among the girls by a wide margin. Had she competed in the boys division she would have been second.

That test was especially hard for his partner Annie or Kara Webb who had a heat stroke, and had to be treated by the medical team.

In 2014, despite winning the Opens, Sam missed out on qualifying for the Games because during the European Regionals he failed the handwalking test, and this caused him to fall off the podium.

And just in 2013, Sam won the Open, Regionals and Games in Carson. Some critics made reference to the fact that Sam had a clear path because Annie was retired due to back surgery. Be that as it may, the victory was more than resounding.

In 2012 Sam had to withdraw from the Open in the middle of the Open because she had a knee injury. That year she stayed out of the season to rehabilitate from the injury. Also that year she changed coaches and programming because the athlete was suffering from a heavy workload that was not giving her the results she wanted.

In 2011 Briggs already proved to be a more complete athlete than in her debut, finishing within the top in the different events of the competition.

The first time Briggs qualified for the Games was in 2010.where he took second place in the Europe Regionals just behind Annie Thorisdottir who that year would become for the second time the fittest on earth.

2010Individual19th2nd (Europe)--
20114th2nd (Europe)-3rd
2012- (injury)
20131st1st (Europe)-1st
2014-4th (Europe)-1st
20154th2nd* (Atlantic)-82nd*
20164th4th (Meridian)-2nd
2017Individual9th2nd (Meridian)-12th
Masters (35-39)-1st (online qualifier)-1st
2018Individual-- (injury)-29th
Masters (35-39)2nd2nd (online qualifier)-1st
2019Individual18th1st (Dubai)
1st (Australian)-22nd (world)
1st (United Kingdom)
Masters (35-39)---1st
2020[2]Individual5th (Filthy 150)
3rd (Dubai)-135th (world)
6th (United Kingdom)
(Team WIT)-3rd (WZA)--
Masters (35-39)---9th
2021Individual21st5th (German Throwdown)12th (Europe)80th (world)
Masters (35-39)-7th (online qualifier)-3rd

Before and after Sam

Many of us were surprised to see another before Briggs so different from the image we are used to. Sam is very athletic and we have always seen that she maintained her fat levels allowing us to see all her muscles in detail.

Proving that everyone has the power to improve with training and healthy eating, she shows us her before to motivate us. The athlete places special emphasis on diet because in her before photo she was already an athlete but did not watch what she ate, whereas now she does.

samantha brigs before and after

I remember the last edition of the Dubai Fitness Championship 2017 we saw her at the breakfast buffet, strictly repeating her food day after day. Methodical, precise, and unchanging. Not every athlete ate breakfast like Briggs 🙂

samantha briggs

Briggs elbow injury

Last season, Sam was eligible to be a masters athlete but his decision was to continue to participate in the individual. He completed the Open and qualified well for the Berlin Regionals but an unforeseen event caused him to change category at the last moment.

Apparently, he had been experiencing some discomfort in his elbow for some time and it was at this time of the year that he suffered an accident and had to undergo surgery.

Seeing her options, the athlete decided to complete the Qualifers for masters, while injured and just before undergoing surgery.

Despite the clear handicap, her results qualified her for this division and she had to work hard on recovering from surgery in March to be ready for the August Games.

Briggs made her debut in the masters division with a second place finish, just behind Anna Tobias.

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