Samuel Kwant

Samuel Kwant is a American CrossFit athlete who managed to qualify among the top 5 who participated in the CrossFit Games 2020 in person and finished this one in 2nd position.

Age: 24
Height: 1,80 m
Nationality: American
Weight: 90 kg
Sports: Trail
Instagram: samuelkwant

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Samuel Kwant


He is invited to the 2021 ROGUE Invitational where he achieves a 13th position.

Bad result in Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge

Surprisingly, his poor performance in the first Semifinal in which he participates, achieving a modest 14th position, automatically leaving him out of the 2021 season.

In a post on Instagram, the athlete acknowledges that he is having a hard time struggling with some sort of illness and shared the following post on instagram.

This weekend has not turned out as I had hoped. I know a lot of people have wondered why and, as hard as it is, I feel I owe an explanation.

I hate excuses. I feel like there is always an excuse to say about why a performance wasn't the best, which is why I have been silent throughout my CrossFit career about various things. Even to the point that my coach didn't have the full story until very recently. However, I've realized that I've been holding back my true potential for years by not fully acknowledging it.

Since the 2017 season, just before I finished my worst CrossFit Games, I have been dealing with various forms of chronic illness. The flare-ups come with no apparent cause and have been a pretty big obstacle for me over the past 5 years.

Seemingly unrelated, prior to MACC, I started having trouble breathing during exercise and after workouts. We thought it was just seasonal allergies, but it was clearly something else.

When I arrived in Tennessee I had a pretty bad outbreak of hives that landed me in the emergency room a couple of days before the competition and I was put on medication that left me super exhausted.

Each day of competition I debated whether I should withdraw, but I decided to finish despite how I felt.

I didn't want to go down without a fight.

It may seem like a setback for me not to make it to the Games this year, but I think it may end up being the opportunity I need to force myself to buckle down and figure these things out.

Moving to Boston to train with the Comptrain team has been the best possible move for my career and my coach, Harry, has been incredibly supportive since I've been open about what's going on.

Thanks to everyone who has believed in me and a huge thanks to my coach and the Comptrain team for their support as I figure this out.

CrossFit Games 2020

His result in the on-site phase of the Games 2020 was an outstanding 2nd place.

Kwant placed 4th in the first Online phase of the 2020 Games and was able to qualify for the in-person phase of the 2020 CrossFit Games to be held at Aromas Ranch.

The first day of the phase ended online of CFG2020 in 13th position. His best result of the events was 3rd position and he achieved it in the Handstand Hold with 1 minute and 32 seconds and in the 1000 meters rowing.

In 2019, now recovered from the operation, he returns to the Games and manages to place 13th.

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Sam Kwant CrossFit Games 2019

He participates injured in the 2017 Games achieving the 20th position but in 2018 his injuries prevent him from competing and he finally undergoes surgery on one of his knees.

Fikowski was sending him a message of support on instagram.

"I am so sorry to read this, I was looking forward to competing with you again. You are young with many years of competition ahead of you and most importantly having an active life. Take good care of yourself!"

At only 20 years old, in 2016, he made his first CrossFit Games appearance. Despite his non-competition he was able to finish the Games week in 16th position after 4 events in the TOP10 and one win.

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He has been a crossFitero since 2011 and just 3 years later he already participated in the 2014 Regionals.

Your coach

Kwant has been training since 2019 with Ben Bergeron's CompTrain programming supervised by Harry Palley, CompTrain's coach with whom he works hand in hand. Sam says that since being in the hands of this team he has been able to improve a lot as an athlete and that he now prepares wods in a smarter way thus avoiding "burning out" so much.

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Mid-Atlantic CrossFit14º
CrossFit Open38º18º19º15º224º
CrossFit Games1620-13º

Medeiros Stats

Movement / WODStats
Back Squat202 Kg
Front Squat187 Kg
Clean & Jerk156 Kg
Snatch129 Kg
Deadlift229 Kg
5k run18:05

His facet as a father

Alyse and Samuel Kwant had a son in April 2020, Layton. Samuel combines his profession as a professional CrossFit athlete with being the primary caregiver for their baby due to his mother's return to work.

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In reference to his son, Sam states that even though he is a fairly quiet child it is sometimes more complicated to take care of his son than to train.

Kwant is better able to combine these two facets because he uses a gym at his parents' home in Mt Vernon, Washington as a training facility.

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