Sara Sigmundsdottir

Sara is a CrossFit athlete whose full name is Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdóttir, but to make the pronunciation of her name a little easier for those of us who are not fluent in Icelandic, we will stick to Sara Sigmundsdottir, which is how the athlete introduces herself.

Date of birth: 1992
Nationality: Icelandic
Height: 1,73m
Weight: 69 kg
Instagram: @sarasigmunds
Region: Europe
Trainer: Justin Cotler (Underdog Athletics)

sara sigmundsdottir crossfit athlete


Out of Down Under Championship

She travels to Australia to train with her friend Katelin Van Zyl. The plan was to compete in the Down Under but both end up out of the competition due to injury.

Sara has had a long run of injuries from which she has not fully recovered and has not been able to perform in competitions.

On this occasion he suffered discomfort in his shins when running, he thought it would not be serious but it bothered him more and more. He decided to take a few days off and come back, but the discomfort did not stop and transferred to other movements. The doctors have recommended him to rest in order to heal.

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For the first time in years she decided not to participate in the next competition she was entered to focus on recovery.

His goal is to be ready for the 2024 season.

Semifinals Berlin

Participates in the Semifinals in Europe with the intention of returning to the Games after 3 years without participating.

Sara was 12th at the end of the second day despite not standing out in any test.

Tragedy struck in the first wod of the last day when I was not able to hold the descent on the legless rope climbs.

sara sigmundsdottir rope climb fail 2023

The cameras focused on his face of despair, sadness and anger.

Her 56th place finish in this event left her with no chance of qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

Sigmundsdottir shared on Instagram a post in which he said he could not find an explanation for what happened. In his preparation to Semifinals he had managed to perform that event under 12 minutes.

She finishes in 18th position and ends here her road to the CrossFit Games 2023.

Justin Cotler new coach

Justin Cotler, head coach of The Underdogs Athletics, reportedly commented that he had started working with Sara Sigmundsdottir, this being one of many coaching changes by the athlete.

The Underdogs athletics has athletes such as: Ricky GarardAlex Gazan, Katelin Van Zyl, Bronislaw Olenkowicz or Bayley Martin.

Coaches of Sara Sigmundsdottir

2015 - 2016 The Progrm (Podium in the 2)
2017 Mayhem
2018 Red Pill Training
2019 No coach
2020 Training Plan
2021 → 2022 Training Think Tank
2023 The Underdogs Athletics


Last Chance Qualifier

Finished 12th in the Last Chance Qualifier and failed to qualify for the CrossFit Games 2022. There were only 2 spots.


It is 6th in the Semifinal Lowlands Throwdown, earns a spot in the Last Chance.

Wodapalooza 2022

Sara Sigmundsdottir withdrew from Wodapalooza 2022 after showing serious problems in THE MIA BAR COMPLEX event. The athlete was not able to complete the event within the 5-minute timecap.

Upon completion, Dani Speegle approached to console her, but Sigmundsdottir did not react as we expected, out of frustration. Later, she made a publication thanking Speegle especially for his encouragement.

Sara left her lane empty at the next event of the day and announced her withdrawn on social media.

The reason was she felt some pain in the knee that was operated on. She underwent an MRI to rule out problems and said she would do everything possible not to miss the 2022 season.

Dubai: first post-operative competition

His return to competition would be at the Dubai CrossFit Championship where he achieved a creditable 7th place. He achieved a PR (after surgery) with 107.5 kg in the deadlift event. clean and jerk.

Sara stated that "this result meant that they were on the right track".


End of the 2021 season due to injury

Sara announces on her social networks that she suffered a knee injury during a Split jerk lift that resulted in an anterior cruciate ligament intervention.

Unfortunately she misses the 2021 CrossFit Games season.

New change of coach

She announced joining coach Max El-Hag, from the Training Think Tank program, which includes other athletes such as Noah Ohlsen and Travis Mayer.


"Quits" Nike

In November 2020, she announces her move to London-based multi-brand retailer WIT. We do not know the reasons why Sara might have preferred WIT to Nike. It could be due to a contract termination since she had been with Nike for 5 years.

WIT Fitness takes over the services of Sara, with 1.8 million followers on instagram, offering her a custom clothing line.

CrossFit Games 2020

During the first ONLINE phase of the CrossFit Games 2020, we saw an exhausted Sara, without strength, unable to maintain the level for which she is known. At the end of the competition she achieves a very discreet 21st position and was only TOP 10 in one of the workouts.

On her Instagram she admits that it was not what she expected.

CrossFit Open 2020

After 5 weeks of the Open, Sara is in first position pending validation of the final scores and videos by the judges. She finally becomes the 2020 Open winner.


CrossFit Games 2019

Her participation in the 2019 Games came to an end in the sprints cut, finishing 20th in the final standings. Both Sara and many other renowned athletes saw their elimination in an unexpected event that caused a stir among the participants.

In December 2019 she wins the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2019.

At the end of November, Sigmundsdottir wins the sanctioned Filthy 150 competition, earning her qualification for the CrossFit Games. In an interview, she states that his main goals are Dubai CrossFit Championship 2019 and ROGUE Invitational.


Sigmundsdottir withdraws from the CrossFit Games 2018.

Against the Icelandic athlete's will, Sara is forced to abandon the competition due to a rib injury.

From the first day of competition, the athlete felt a pain that has tried to calm and relieve with painkillers to continue competing. On Saturday, the athlete could not even move without pain so she decided to withdraw from the CrossFit Games.

As she herself explains in her social networks, it has been a very hard decision and she has consulted with her coach and medical team. The athlete felt more prepared than ever this year, but circumstances have forced her to finish early.


Sigmundsdottir's Rib Injury

In late 2017 the athlete broke a rib, right after the Invitationals held in Australia. The athlete had planned to travel directly to Dubai where she would participate in the Dubai Fitness Championship but had to cancel. She traveled back home to get in the hands of the doctors that eventually discovered that the intense pain she was feeling was due to a broken rib.

She focused in coming back stronger by working on her weaknesses.

Sara has all the qualities to be a great athlete and overcome those third and fourth places to become the number 1, but as she herself acknowledges, her mentality and training so far have not been the best..

When we watch her compete, Sara has always been making silly mistakes which, due to lack of concentration, have cost her points here and there on several occasions. Not stepping on a line, not bringing the dumbbell to the finish line... things that she herself defines as "typical Sara things". But in the Games there is no option to fail because the other athletes don't do it.

It seems difficult for an athlete to claim after a major injury that something like this is the best thing that could have happened to you. The new Sara admits that with the injury she has now had to really focus on her weaknesses, cardio. She is convinced that the results of her efforts will probably not be seen in the short term this year, but that it will certainly help her in the future.

Despite the hindrance of injury prior to the Open, Sara managed to qualify for the Open and place third at the European Regionals being one of the most competitive regions. With the Games just weeks away, we are looking forward to seeing how the athlete performs at the 2018 CrossFit Games.


YearGamesRegionals / CompetitionsOpen
2022-6th Lowlands
12th Last Chance Qualifier
201919ªTOP 20 World, 1st Dubai CrossFit, Filthy 150 and Strength in Depth. 2nd Rogue Invitational, 3rd WZA
201837th Withdraws injury3rd (Europe)21ª
20171st (Central)
20161st (Meridian Regional)
20151st (Meridian Regional)

Sara's stats

Back Squat135 Kg
Clean & Jerk110 Kg
Snatch95 Kg
Deadlift156 Kg
5k run22:32

Sara Sigmundsdóttir before and after

Undoubtedly Sara is one of the athletes who has a profile more different from the rest of Games athletes. Most of the athletes who reach this level have years of experience in the world of sports, even though they come from different disciplines.

Sara on the other hand always explains that she was "a fat kid" in school.. Until one day, she decided that she wanted to change her physical condition. She became interested in the sport and ended up stumbling upon CrossFit.

Sara sigmundsdottir before crossfit

The Icelandic shares her story to motivate others who find themselves in a similar situation. She wants to motivate other people to start a healthier life , to learn how to work hard to achieve their goals. Because, as she states, if she does not have any special sporting gifts and has been able to get here, other people can also get anywere they want .

During these years that we have known Sara, she has been changing residence and coach always trying to find the best for her sports career. But it wasn't until 2017 that Sara had a major injury that seems to have drastically changed her approach to the sport and to coaching.

Sara has been a weightlifting and fitness competitor, but she is mostly known as a Games athlete. It was precisely after her first participation in the Games, which ended 3rd on the podium in 2015, that the athlete acquired a higher level of popularity.

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