Benefits of Crossfit for women

For many years women have been treated very differently in the way they approach their training compared to a man.

Although there are small divergences, we have much more in common than what separates us. Our training, therefore, should not be as opposite as we have been led to believe.

CrossFit is a sport that helps to eliminate certain stigmas we carry and to normalize strength training also among women.

In this post we show you how to start seeing real results from your training efforts.

Common women's training mistakes

For years, we have been led to believe that our business is to make hours of cardio and if we touch the weights, let them be the small ones.. Always with the objective of slimming down and not growing muscles. 

Always looking for one size less, with diets that destroy our metabolism and with disastrous results.

Both the objectives and the means have been bad, let's see how to reverse this situation.

Wrong objectives

The ideal of beauty that we see in magazines, on the catwalks represented by beauty icons, the fitness girls on Instagram... They go in this direction:

"5 exercises to tone up"
"Thinner legs with this routine."
"Lose 5 kilos the easy way".
"Fat burning exercises".

All these kinds of headlines are aimed at the female audience. They are unrealistic and manipulated:

  • What does toning mean, losing fat and no muscle showing? Infinite repetitions with low weights do not help to gain muscle or lose fat. Excess fat is what makes us look fuller, not muscles.
  • No localized fat removalno legs, no arms, no belly...
  • Nothing that comes easy is sustainable or teaches a healthy lifestyle..
  • There is no exercise that gives per se is fat burning.

They are just an example, but with that mentality, who wants to go to the box to sweat, get dirty and get tough?

Wrong plan

And to top it off, the tools they put at our disposal are not very useful:

  • fat burning pills
  • anti-cellulite creams
  • fat-free, sweetened, low calorie products
  • detox juice plans
  • extremely low calorie diets

With these objectives and with these "aids it is normal not to make progress in your physical form. Even if weight loss is achieved, a better body composition is not achieved.

And it is not impossible to achieve, but you need to run away from all this deception to training and real food.

A woman, as well as a man, must train for strength. CrossFit is not the only way, but it is a way that many women have taken the plunge and have been able to achieve real results.

What benefits can CrossFit give to women?

CrossFit impresses at first and even more so for women. It generates doubts such asI will be fit enoughIs it not very harmful?

Search for information about CrossFit and see what they do. elite sportsmen and women doesn't help to put those fears to rest, but CrossFit is practiced by everyday people, both boys and girls.

women benefits crossfit

Increased autonomy

Normally, women are less strong than men and sometimes we turn to our father, brother, husband, neighbor, to help us carry a heavy weight or move something bulky.

When you get you are stronger, more skilled, more flexible you are able to do more things autonomously.

Every time I have to buy a sack of salt for the decalcifier at home, it makes me feel proud that I can carry the 25 kg sack by myself without having to ask anyone for help. 

Without CrossFit I would have never even considered it. You wouldn't get this level of strength training with 2 kilo dumbbells in the gym.

2. Fat reduction

As long as the training is accompanied by a healthy diet you will be able to lower your body fat level, thanks to the high intensity of CrossFit exercises.

3. Improves body composition

With strength training, muscle mass is gained and this helps to improve physical appearance in conjunction with fat loss.

Muscles are not bad, they are our passport to youth.. We need them to stay healthy. They are also the ones that enhance your body's curves.

It doesn't mean you're going to get like the girls you see at the Games, because they are elite athletes and train many hours a day, and you and I don't!!!! Be clear that you are not going to get like the Hulk.

4. Evolution in many skills at the same time

Unlike other types of CrossFit training, CrossFit works on several sport areas at the same time: Power, flexibility, strength, endurance, agility, coordination.

can women do crossfit

You will see significant improvements in all these areas.

5. Obtaining great results in a short time

This sport has one very good thing going for it over other sports. It gets those who practice it hooked, and this is key to the results.

It sounds silly, but adherence is very high and that is why the results are so good. These in turn serve as motivation that feeds back into this circle.

The magic formula: good planning + a motivated athlete = great results.

6. Development of self-esteem

Anyone who can observe its progress is a source of great satisfaction. Although it may seem that it has nothing to do with the way you face your day to day life, it does have a lot to do with it.

It also helps to improve the perception of our personal image. Women tend to have a lot of complexes and through CrossFit you can reaffirm the value of your body and your self-esteem.

7. Stronger minds

You will become a stronger woman inside the box and outside as well.

When you see what you are capable of doing through hard work, you feel courageous to face other challenges outside the box as well.

8. Belonging to a large community

The CrossFit community is a supportive community. They are a group of people who want you to give your best in every training session.

benefits crossfit women

It is common to gain friends in the box, a new circle of people with hobbies very similar to yours.

It is important to emphasize that if one day you decide to being a motheryou don't have to be afraid of CrossFit.