First day at Crossfit

CrossFit is a functional training modality that is increasingly on people's lips.

Since it was not yet clear to me what was really being done in a boxwhich is the place where it is practiced CrossFitI decided to try it out.

So I am going to explain the most common doubts of someone who wants to start in this sport.

What will the first day be like?

Don't think you'll be thrown into the pool on the first day and you'll be fine.

At the beginning you will do the ONRAMP.

What is ONRAMP?

The ONRAMP is a group of 3-5 introductory classes in which users who have never trained in a CrossFit box participate and in which the trainer, also known as "coach", is responsible for explaining the basic fundamentals of this sport. The technical concepts of the exercises are explained as well as the names of the exercises so that you become familiar with this methodology. The classes are usually very small.

Once you finish these sessions you will be ready to join the classes with the rest of the users.

What is a CrossFit gym like?

If you have been able to anticipate and see something of CrossFit before going to your first class you will have seen that it is a very different center than a traditional gym full of machines. 

What is a box?

A box, which is what the CrossFit gym is an open space where groups of people can gather to train in this sport. The equipment consists of cages or racks to hang in which to do gymnastic exercises, rings, olympic lifting barsThe only thing that I have to do is to use a dumbbell, dumbbells, kettlebell, some cardio machine and a little more. 

A curious thing is that, unlike conventional gyms, there are no mirrors to look at yourself.

CrossFit is for everyone

CrossFit is a sport that is recognized for being inclusive.

In their classes you can see all kinds of people with different sporting levels. Everyone does the class at the same time and everyone trains at their highest level.

From adolescents a retired persons, pregnant women, people with reduced mobilityothers with chronic injuries... Everyone can do CrossFit with the adaptations they need. 

And you need not fear because the coach will know how to help you and guide you to adapt or scale up the wod and enter safely.

What does it mean to scale or adapt the wod?

Scaling or adapting the wod means making changes in the training so that the user is able to complete the training according to his physical capabilities, avoiding risks of injury and maintaining the demand to generate adaptations.

Do you have to be in shape to do CrossFit?

You don't have to be in shape to practice CrossFit. This is one of the most frequent doubts, since it is logical that when we think of this sport we automatically think of someone who is very fit.

But as impressive as this may be, almost all of us started at a low level and didn't know how to do much of anything.

Therefore, you don't need to master those skills before signing up for CrossFit, there they will teach you, you will practice it and get to make them yourself as well.

YouTube video

There are many new things to learn and at first you may feel overwhelmed, but it is only a matter of time before you become familiar with the names of the exercises and gradually get the hang of them.

And don't think that the work is over. Even the fittest person in your box must keep practicing and learning every day. The work never stops here.

Are they going to laugh at me?

We are all afraid of being the new guy and of catching the eyes of others when we feel most insecure. Usually, the atmosphere in a box is very positive

The classmates will help you feel good, think that we all start there. When you start to always go to the same schedule and coincide with the same partners you will see that a very strong positive bond is created. The one who is next to you sweating to do the best wod possible also wants you to do your best.

Partners will help you feel goodthink that we all start there.

When you start going at the same time and always have the same colleagues you will see that a very strong positive bond is created.

The one who is next to you sweating to make the wod the best it can be, also wants you to give your best.

We encourage each other when we need it, and we give each other constant signs of support.

Do I need to bring anything special?

You don't need anything specific for your first session. Just the desire to go and sweat it out and get a lot of stiffness.

If you then find that you really like it (there's a good chance you'll be hooked from the start) then I recommend you buy a appropriate footwear and you will find out for yourself if you need anything else: rope, calleras ... but none of this is essential at the beginning.

Tips for your first CrossFit class

  • Be prudentEven if you have practiced other sports or gone to the gym, CrossFit is an intense modality and includes weightlifting movements that, if poorly executed, can lead to very serious injuries. It is not worth the risk.
  • Technique over weight. A movement executed with good technique is more efficient and can lift more load. Focus on improving technique. Quality over quantity.
  • Don't compare yourself with others: I've seen people (usually men) want to lift the same weight as me in their first CrossFit classes. The risk of injury is not worth it. Everyone has to go their own way.

My first experience in a box

Determined to find out for myself what CrossFit was all about, I drove to the place I had previously contacted. It was located in an industrial area. 

I was very punctual as always, I arrived before my time and I could see how they were training in the previous session.

I admit that I was quite impressed and a part of me said... Where have you gone? You can still go, there's still time, run!

The thing is, I went to a strongman class.

If you want to see what a Strongman class at CrossFit looks like 😉.

YouTube video

What a sight! Seeing all those "stone men". In the class there were only boys, they were screaming, they were shirtless and they made a tremendous noise every time they threw like a kind of cement ball, they would run past me and then come back in.

Maybe I was looking forward to trying some intense training, but that much? 

I stayed there, I guess because I was embarrassed to leave, and after the first session I became a crossfitter, I was hooked from the beginning.

After learning some basic technique we did a wod for only 10 minutes. I thought it would be no big deal, I considered myself a fit girl. I had stiffness for 5 days. 

It may be that you don't live it as I have explained it, and it may be that in the end it wasn't something for you, but at the end of the day the important thing is that we all find a motivation to be active and healthy. Many of us are crazy about CrossFit, but the world doesn't start and end here. Luckily there are as many sports as there are tastes, remember to do some strength training and some cardio a week and be free to practice the sport or training that you enjoy the most.